Hattat Tractor Aims To Be One In Ten Global Brands


Hattat Tractor is aiming to be one in ten global brands by holding events in 11 countries across Europe to promote the power and quality of the Turkish tractors to the European farmers

Gearing up to speed its activities abroad, Hattat Tractor has primarily determined European market as its first target. Hattat Tractor, which is holding events together with British Perkins Motors in 11 countries across Europe, will promote the power of the Turkish tractors to the European farmers. Taking place in the structure of Hattat Group, Hattat Tractor is preparing to increase its gear in Europe. Turing Europe during 1,5 months, Hattat Tractor is going to hold events in 11 countries of Europe together with British Perkins Motors. Ibrahim Hattat, Chairman of the Board of Hattat Tractor, about the event said, “Our farmers followed the European farmers for years. Now they will be following our farmers. The European farmers buy tractors which our farmers tested and used by trusting.

In 2016, we are planning to speed up our growth in Europe. We manufacture our tractors compliance with more difficult conditions and export to the European market. In order to allow the European farmers to test our tractors’ quality we will organize farm experiments and a set of fair participations and activities. The farmers primarily in Hungary and then in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria will test our tractors in field through holding events.” “Our objective is to be first 10 in the world” Stating Hattat Tractors have been ploughing field over 80 countries in the 5 continents, Hattat said, “We are going to make a brand that would be a followed brand in the sector. We, as Hattat Tractor, returned with a grade from all contests we joined.

We won “Tractor of the Year” in Poland in 2010, “Champion of Plough” in 2011 and 2013 in Ireland and Latvia, and Silver Medal in Moldova in 2014. We have prepared the necessary investments and long term business plans in order to be a preferred global brand. We grow quickly. Our objective is to achieve to be the most preferred in first ten brands.”

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