The Leading Aftermarket Organization in Turkey: TATCOM


As the shareholder of Temot International which serves for spare parts in 61 countries in passenger, light commercial and heavy vehicle groups, TATCOM brings together Turkey’s 11 foremost aftermarket OEM companies under its roof.

TATCOM has started its activities in 2012 with consolidation of the companies among them having over 60- year experience in automotive spare parts sales and distribution network obtaining expertise in terms of brand and vehiclebase. Following a short time of its foundation such as one year later, signing partnership agreement with TEMOT, one of the biggest purchasing groups of the world, TATCOM deals with imports, sales of spare parts of passenger vehicles, heavy and light commercial vehicles and earthmoving machines. Highlighting TATCOM always has been atop of Turkey with powerful OEM supply network of TEMOT which serves in 61 countries of the world, Taner KAVKACI, Chairman of the Board of TATCOM, responded our questions.

Q- Would we know more about TATCOM which shelters aftermarket OEM pioneers in its structure?

A-TATCOM is a shareholder of one of the biggest purchasing conglomerates, Temot International, which serves for spare parts groups of passenger cars, light commercial and heavy vehicle groups in 61 countries across the world. Continuing on its way with 11 business partners who comprised of Başbuğ, Dönmez, Genel Oto, Hıdırusta Otomotiv, Merkez Otomotiv, Motor Aşin, Obis, Otobilya, Oto Rulman, Simkan and Üçel, TATCOM manages central purchasing group. Mehmet Büyükkürkçü (Merkez Otomotiv) and Rıza Şahin (Hıdırusta Otomotiv) work at our executive board together with me. The power of purchasing, distribution and personnel of TEMOT – of which we are shareholder – come from its members’ power. Every business partner of TATCOM is in the leading position in their branch in the sector and has a very huge distribution network.


Q- Would you inform us about your business cooperation with OEM brands?

A-We provide formation the right to alternative selection possibility in the spare parts sector by constituting a high in quality and competitive producer network. We also install bridges with the giant OEM brands with the power of our 11 business partners. We build all cooperation on 4 fundamental headlines as High in Quality Spare Parts, Satisfaction, Lasting Service Network and Advantageous Price. As uroe sound-based bridges happen through powerful supply chain which is formed with togetherness. We have kept the foremost brands’ power in the uro market in our hand. These brands have proofed their quality, durability, and certified with certifications. Today, we can list the brands we have like this: Sachs, Boge, Lemförder, ZF, LuK, INA, FAG, Ruville, Bosch, Contitech, Diesel Technic, Elring, Febi Bilstein, Federal Mogul, Nüral, Goetze, Glyco, FTE, Gates, GKN, Hella, Hengst, Hepu, Laso, Mahle, SKF, Textar, TRW, Valeo, Aisin, SWF, VDO, Behr, Parker. Increasing our purchasing power and making up competitive price advantageous, we aim to ensure our business partners being able to make effective sales in the market as well as protecting our leading position in the market

Represents turnover of 320 million uro Q- What is position of TATCOM in Turkey’s automotive aftermarket?

A-We believe that saving leadership for a longtime is important as much as being a leader community. TATCOM has been fairly in the leading position of Turkey with the turnover of 320 million euro. With the warehouse area of 180.000 sqm, more than 1.200 employees, over 6.000 sales points on average across Turkey, we sustain our operation as the main supplier of the firms in the sector.


Q- What are your objectives in medium and long term?

A- As TATCOM, our mission is to supply value-added in the automotive spare part market, distribution chain, save our market leading position and contribute to our business partners to sustain their leading position in the sector, support their sales and marketing activities; in addition to protect their benefits… Offering high in quality alternative part choices with a competitive price advantage in the market are also our priorities. In the framework of our mission, we continue to step into automotive replacement market for the future and contribute to improvement of the market.

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