Karsan Makes CNG-Powered Transit Bus For US Market

The CNG engine model of Karsan saw a great interest at the UTIP Global Transport Summit in Montreal, Karsan’s new model in 12 meters length will be ready for sales in 2017

Turkish company Karsan, an independent, multi-branded vehicle manufacturer, has displayed a 42-foot compressed natural gas-fueled transit bus at the UTIP Global Transport Summit in Montreal mid-May – and says it wants to build the “Sunshine” model in the U.S. to meet federal “Buy America” funding requirements.

Karsan business development and projects director Levent Erdogan said his company is currently in discussions with a U.S.-based manufacturer. The vehicle has successfully completed Altoona testing and is currently completing FMVSS/CMVSS certification in preparation for sale before the end of 2017.

The vehicle is powered by the dedicated-natural gas 8.9-liter ISL G engine from Cummins Westport and utilises Type IV CNG fuel cylinders from Luxfer.

Offering modern solutions to cities via developing public transport systems, Turkey’s automotive producer Karsan displayed “Karsan 40ft CNG” bus at UTIP (International Association of Public Transport) held in Canada. The CNG engine model of Karsan saw a great interest. In 12 meters length Karsan’s new model will be ready for sales in 2017, according to the statement from the firm. Leaving behind its 50th anniversary and accomplishing modern public transport vehicles and commercial vehicles complying with the needs of present era at its two plants, Karsan continues to step globally. In this context, joining UITP which is known as the summit of the global transportation, Karsan showed off its “40ft CNG” model has been developed special for the North American market. At the summit which was held in Montreal and digitalization regarded the future of public transport and also eco-friendly issues emerged, Karsan saw a great interest with its “40ft CNG” model along with the theme ‘Pioneer Change’. Completing tests of Altona Bus Research and Testing Center successfully, in 12 meters length “Karsan 40ft CNG” will be offered for the sale in 2017.

Describing as an innovative vehicle has been blended with the technologies such as CNG alongside experiences gained in several cities of the world, Levent Erdogan, Business Development and Projects of Karsan, said; “Timing of the summit was very important for nowadays regarding we have been negotiating with a US based producer and information accumulation based on for long years and targeting to take our experience to a further size.”

“Minibus will be a universal solution”

Highlighting the innovative and eco-friendly point of view of Karsan at such an important summit to the world, Levent Erdogan said, “Unveiling our eco-friendly, economic and visionary approach directed towards public transport to such a distinguished audience is a big honor. On the other hand we have also found opportunity to discuss the positive sides of minibuses which are indispensable solution in terms of carrying passengers in rush hours to main routes. Once being low cost solution of developing cities, minibuses will be also a universal solution for increased transport needs. In this scope, Karsan has taken its concrete steps on the way to make up a domestic brand.”    

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