IPRU Aims To Meet All Needs Of Passenger Transport


International Passenger Transport Union (IPRU) was established with 12 member countries as a roof organization dealing with the problems of the sector.

The Board of Directors Meeting of International Passenger Transport Union (IPRU) was held early April 2017 headed by A. Fatih Tamay. IPRU Chairman Tamay informed elaborately the works fulfilled between January 2016 – March 2017. At the meeting the second General Meeting of IPRU was decided to be held in May in Istanbul. View exchanged with the members of board of Directors about the works of IPRU in the year 2017, according to the statement. At the meeting also works which will be discussed have been mentioned. IPRU will maintain its organization works and decided the member number to be multiplied. According to this, a decision made to endure works with the countries such as Kenya, India, Lithuania, Hungary, Djibouti, and Pakistan. Meanwhile a visiting program will be held to the member countries of IPRU to improve the existing relations more. The International Passenger Transport Union (IPRU) was established by the Council of Ministers’ decree on 9th December 2014 with participation of civil society organizations which act Passenger Transport as a roof organization to meet the all needs of Highways, tending to the national and international sectorial problems, having general representing qualification. Currently, IPRU has been organized with 22 sectorial organizations. A.Fatih Tamay, Head of IPRU and members of IPRU Birol ÖZCAN, Mustafa YILDIRIM, Sümer YIĞCI, Mevlüt İLİGİN, Basri AKGÜL, Mehmet ÖKSÜZ, Mustafa ÖZCAN, Hasan Yüksel KURNAZ, Bülent YILDIZ, Deputy Associate Prof. Kemal KARAYORMUK, Ekrem ÖZCAN, Adnan DEĞİRMENCİ, Gökhan Çerioğlu attended the meeting.

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