Hyundai Assan Set Record In Both Production And Exports


Since the establishment onwards, Hyundai Assan plant in Izmit produced the number of more than 1 million vehicles exporting most of them.

While Hyundai Assan achieved its historical high with the vehicles rolled off the production line at its plant in Izmit, also broke record in the exports, according to the statement. Producing since 1997 at its plant located in Izmit, Hyundai Assan maintained production of its i10 and i20 models in 2016 in Turkey. Reaching the total number of 230 thousand 50 units of production, the plant has obtained the highest production in its 19-year history at the plant in Izmit. The vehicles which rolled off the production line, of these 97 thousand 926 units were i10 and 132,024 units were i20 model. Exporting 90 percent its production, Hyundai Assan featured the most exporting automotive plant among the automotive plant in Turkey in 2016 as in 2015. Meanwhile the plant gained export income over $2 billion so contributed to the Turkish economy in lowering foreign debt deficit, according to the statement posted by Hyundai Assan. About the issue, Onder Goker, Director General of Hyundai Assan, said; “We are proud of record production and exports that we accomplished in 2016 as Hyundai Assan plant. Our efforts are continuing in order to raise these figures more in 2017. We will continue to stay in the new markets in 2017 and we will not limit progress only with the European market.” Turkish consumers met with Hyundai brand first in 1990 with the distributorship of Kibar Holding. Then arabaHyundai made its decision to install first overseas production center in Turkey. The groundbreaking of the plant was made in 25th September 1995 and the production launched in July 1997 in Turkey. Currently Hyundai Assan plant has 245 thousand units of the production per annum. Hyundai Assan plant in Izmit has a great importance as opening door of Hyundai Motor Company to Europe with its i10 model in A segment and i20 in B segment which are produced and exported primarily to the European market and the entire region. To date having produced the number of more than 1 million vehicles at Izmit plant, 39 unit vehicles on average/hour are produced and daily production number is some 838 units.

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