Ford Otosan Awards Suppliers

ford-otosanFord Otosan awarded its 10 supplier firms, which have emerged with their successes, holding its traditional “Manufacturer Summit” under the theme “Without Cutting Speed”

Ford Otosan held award ceremony meeting. At the meeting with participation of Koc Holding Automotive Group Chairman Cenk Cimen, Ford Deputy Chairman for Europe Werner Pütz, Ford Otosan Director General Haydar Yenigun who highlighted innovation was an obligation on the way going to success. At the Manufacturers Summit Award Ceremony regarding its fifth edition under the theme “Without Cutting Speed” Ford Otosan awarded its 10 manufacturers with Gold Star went to Farba, Cavo and Sa-Ba companies presented by Cenk Cimen, Automotive Group Chairman of Koc Holding. The Silver Star Awards were presented by Haydar Yenigun, Director General of Ford Otosan, to Plascam, Axalta and Formfleks. As for CBI, Bant Boru and ErMetal companies were awarded by Werner Pütz with Bronze Star awards. Lastly Mubea was deserved to Special Encouragement Award presented by Guven Ozyurt, Deputy Director General of Ford Otosan responsible for purchasing.

Ford Otosan targets sustainable growth in every area
In his speech at the ceremony, Haydar Yenigun said, “As Ford Otosan, we achieved great successes in 2015. We accomplished growth over the market in every segment. We have regained leadership in the commercial vehicle segment. We have moved Ford, Europe to leadership of commercial vehicles by the vehicles we manufactured. In our successes your contributions as the supplier industry are very big. The automotive industry has been in the effect of very important trend. We should renew ourselves continuously and prepare for the future for the sustainable growth. This will be possible in terms of spreading distinction and innovation in our companies. As Ford Otosan, we have updated our strategic priorities. We have launched a comprehensive transformation. We think we will accomplish this success together with you. As Ford Otosan, we want the manufacturers in Turkey would take place more in Ford’s global vehicle projects and production. We are aware existence of crucial opportunities as well as intensifying our works in the area together with Ford. In this matter, much work will fall on your shoulders as manufacturers.” Delivering a speech Guven Ozyurt, Deputy Purchasing Director General, said, “Our suppliers have a very significant place in our strategies. We will increase mutual communication and cooperation more in many areas. Our suppliers should put forward their institutionalization and sustainability process by passing beyond dimensions of quality, delivery and cost in order to advance in the global competition without cutting speed. R & D, investment in human resources and education, innovation in every area and upper level cooperation will be a key of sustainable growth.”

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