First Hybrid Vehicle Produced In Turkey On World-Roads

toyotoLaunching production in the last quarter of 2016 as the first crossover and hybrid vehicle at Toyota Turkey plant in the province of Sakarya, Toyota C-HR is exported to 47 countries

Toyota C-HR, the first crossover and hybrid vehicle is manufactured at Toyota Turkey plant in the province of Sakarya, is exported to 47 countries in Europe, North America, North and South Africa, Mideast, Central Asia and Caucasus. Launching production in the last quarter of 2016, Toyota C-HR model is continuing to meet with its buyers in various continent and tens of countries. The roll metal steel sheets are transformed to the modern automobiles following the processes of assembling the necessary parts, press, welding, painting and mounting stages. The high in quality parts which are shaped in the press facility are united at the welding facility to each other. Having produced with the slogan of “zero fault” on the manual and automatic production lines, then the bodies go to the plant for coloring, noise insulation and process against corrosion to make durable. Totally 22 various colored vehicles are produced, of these 10 metallic, 2 solid and 10 double colors. As painted bodies go to assembling plant, the necessary components also reach that station. Following the necessary parts’ mounting at the related department, the vehicles come to ready condition after the necessary checks. Corolla, Verso and Toyota C-HR models are produced at the Toyota Turkey plant in Sakarya.

First hybrid vehicle in Turkey

Staring production in the last quarter of 2016, Toyota C-HR model features the first crossover and hybrid vehicle produced in Turkey. Investing worth 350 million euro additionally in the aspect of modernization and capacity increase, Toyota Turkey has become the first overseas plant with C-HR model being produced complying with at Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA). 28 percent of 155 thousand automobiles produced at the plant in 2016 were Toyota C-HR. In addition to the number of 280 thousand vehicles production also the share of C-HR production was planned to boost, 63 percent of the automobiles planned to be Toyota C-HR this year. Launching exports first time to the countries such as USA, Canada, Taiwan; meanwhile the number of countries in the exports of Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey raised from 52 to 97 units. In this country group, there are 47 countries where only C-HR model is exported. 65% of C-HR exported to Europe, 32% to North America, 3% to the Middle East, North Africa and other countries respectively. Together with C-HR model production the employee number raised from 3000 to 5000 units.

Every Toyota model is aimed to be hybrid in 2020

The number of Toyota hybrid automobiles exceeded 10 million since 1997 onwards. In addition to gasoline-powered engine also electric-powered is used in the hybrid vehicles; the gasolinepowered engines are efficient in long ranges and high speed, and electric engines for the short ranges and low speed. By the hybrid vehicles fuel saving is obtained up to 50 percent. Toyota aims to produce hybrid version of its every model by 2020.

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