Fiat Egea Most Preferred Automobile In H1

Fiat Egea Family has become the most preferred automobile of Turkey in H12017, regarding the power of the new products and dealer network

Since having offered to the market onwards, performing a successful sales graph both in the home and abroad, Fiat Egea Family has become the most preferred model in Turkey. Attracting attention with the sales numbers of 20 thousand 52 units, Egea Sedan model became flagship of Egea family with 17 thousand 709 units in H1 2017. Pointing out Fiat brand has raised its market share in H1 this year over the same period previous year, Altan Aytac, Business Department Director of Fiat, said; “With every passing day we reach more customers with our new products and power of our dealer organization and consolidate our position in the sector. Despite having constriction in the domestic market in the rate of 10 percent, we have surged our sales 16 percent over the last year. In this success Egea has a significant role. While Egea is becoming the most preferred model family, we also felt a great proud happiness regarding Egea Sedan being most preferred model.” Proving its maturity along with successful sales numbers in a short time, Fiat Egea Family has become the most preferred automobile of Turkey in H12017. Accomplishing the sales of 20,052 units as Fiat Egea family, Fiat Egea Sedan became flagship with the sales of 17 thousand 709 units in H12017. Reminding since November 2015 when Fiat Egea offered to the market to date was preferred by the number of nearly 64 thousand customers, Altan Aytac said; “As Fiat brand we reach more customers with every passing day via power of our new products and dealer network, we strengthen our position in the sector. In H12017, we have raised our total market share by 12.1% with the sales of automobile and light commercial vehicles. 93% of vehicles that we have sold are domestic made vehicles. As of domestic made vehicle share in our sales, we have been also pleased. In spite of 10 percent constriction in the automobile market over the last year, we have boosted our sales 16% as Fiat brand. Egea has a significant share in our success. In 2016, Fiat Egea became bestseller of the year with the sales of 38 thousand. Now, we are proud and happy regarding being most preferred automobile of Turkey in H12017. Egea meets with an increased customer demand both in the domestic and market abroad with its impressive design, equipment choices responding needs of customers completely, its value and economy.” Possessing 4 engine options with 2 turbo diesel engines, 5 different equipment features, 2 automatic transmission options, 3 different bodies, having 4 engine options in total, Fiat Egea model family is sold with TL the beginning price of TL57,900 in the domestic market.

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