“Crucial Investments To Be Made For EVs”


In the upcoming days, a very vital investment related with batteries for the electric automobiles will be made, Nihat Zeybekçi, the Turkish Minister of Economy

The 7th R & D Project Market and Component Design Awards have founded their owners which were held by Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OIB) with support of the Turkish Ministry of Economy in the coordinator of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) at Ozyegin University.

Speaking at award ceremony, Minister Zeybekçi, indicating as long as time elapse, technology has improved, and he said now the world has divided into two one of them having knowledge and technology and other ones consume knowledge and technology.

Telling technologic changes which Turkey experienced within last 15 years, Zeybekci told that R & D studies have gotten 1% from GDP in this matter and they have advanced much more in that matter.

“In the past 15 years, average education term has surged from 4,5 years to over 8 years. This is really a great success, but the countries that we targeted have been in 12-year level in the average education period, therefore there is a distance to go,” he noted.

Reminding the world had changed very fast, Zeybekçi said the realities that we have known 5 years ago now are not robust and correct as much as before.

Zeybekci continued; “The firms which now manufacture diesel pumps, differentials, gearbox, transmission, shock absorbers will not manufacture after 5 years. Because, after 5 years from now on 25, 30 or 40 percent of the motor vehicles will be replaced with the electric vehicles. As for the technologies of electric vehicles are more different than we know. For this reason, very important investments about battery technologies will be made in the electric vehicles in the upcoming days.”

“Producing only is not a capability”

Highlighting they were obliged to rise value added, Minister Zeybekçi said only making production was not a capability, even in the least developed countries can be able to manufacture.

Reminding developments like Industry 4.0 and things of internet, Zeybekçi said from now on, those who have technology, achieve Industry 4.0 will be production base. Recording the Turkish automotive industry accomplished exports worth $28,5 billion in 2017, Zeybekçi said the sector would achieve $31,5 or 32 billion of exports in the year 2018. He also noted Turkey has also constituted its own global industrial giants, adding they would give incentive over worth TL125 billion on 29th March to the 19 companies.

“We do 18% of the Turkey’s total exports”

Orhan Sabuncu, head of the OIB, marking the automotive industry had been export champion for 12 years consecutively in the country, and said the sector contributed 18 percent to the total exports of the country by itself with $28,5 billion of its exports. Last year the automotive exports exceeded the number of 1,3 million units, as for the production of the motor vehicles reached by 1,7 million units. He added all-time record was broken in production and exports in last 3 years in the automotive sector.

Sabuncu said the export of product accounted for $1,3 per kilogram, they should surge this at least by $3 in the shortest time.

“For this, we should focus on the state-of-the-art technological products with high value-added, expand our R & D spending, matter to innovation, branding and design. In the future, the automotive industry will change much. Especially, electric, platooning, artificial intelligence and shared vehicles have come on the agenda. Our industry should keep up with these developments. The period of change has shortened. We should unconditionally come up with this transformation.” After speeches, the award winning people received their awards.

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