Construction Of Tunnels Continue In Full Swing

ovit-tunelTaking place on the road of Rize-Erzurum 95 percent of the Ovit tunnel as the second longest tunnel in the world has been completed, expected to be in operation by the end of this year, so the Black Sea region will be connected to Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions.

In order to ensure short, easy and safety travel, the constructions of the tunnels throughout Turkey are continuing in full swing. The second longest tunnel in the world, the Ovit tunnel’s 95 percent has been completed, as for Egribel tunnel and Kırık Tunnel the construction was completed 20% and 21% respectively. Taking place on the road of Rize-Erzurum in 10 thousand 962 meters length, the two ways-tunnel’s excavation and fortifying works are being built under the Mount Ovit which does not give passage especially in winter months. The tunnel is expected to complete by the end of this year. In Egribel Tunnel the works have been completed in the rate of 20 percent. Once the tunnel project completed the travel time will be shortened, traffic accidents to be minimized, after the tunnel enter into force the road will be shortened 6,5 kilometers. The tunnel is predicted to finish in June 2018. Another the tunnel project takes place on the road of Rize- Erzurum is Kırık Tunnel. According to the data, excavation and enforcement works have been completed in the tunnel with two-way that will be in 747 meters length. Having planned to finish in November 2017, 21 percent of the tunnel construction has been completed. When Ovit and Kırık Tunnels are finished, the Black Sea region will be connected to East and Southeast Anatolia regions without any gap. The current road will be shortened 33 kilometers. This year the new bridge projects are expected to speed up. The Turkish Ministry of Transport aims to complete 200 bridge projects this year. Meanwhile, the second undersea tunnel of Turkey is going to finish at the beginning of 2017. When the project completed, the distance between the Kazlicesme-Goztepe districts of Istanbul take place European and Asian sides of Istanbul will diminish for 15 minutes. The third bridge in other words, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is planned to enter into force in August this year.

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