CLEPA Discusses “Future Mobility”

clepaCLEPA 7th Aftermarket Conference discussed “Future Mobility” on the 9th and 10th of March 2016 with 250 representatives from the automotive industry and other relevant stakeholders

On the 9th and 10th of March 2016, more than 250 representatives from the automotive industry and other relevant stakeholders attended the seventh edition of the CLEPA Aftermarket Conference, in Brussels. This event is the annual gathering between the executives and policymakers in this sector. “The CLEPA Aftermarket defends the freedom of choice for car owners to decide where to get their cars repaired and for fair competition between all stakeholders in the Aftermarket. We are in favour of a level playing field between vehicle manufacturers and the independent stakeholders”, said Mr Paul Schockmel, CLEPA CEO, opening the networking dinner organised the evening before the conference. Fotis Karamitsos, Deputy Director at European Commission DG MOVE, in his keynote speech presented an overview of the Commission’s regulatory framework for future mobility, highlighting that “it will aim to promote efficient, safe, secure and environmentally friendly mobility and generate the conditions for a competitive industry generating jobs and growth”. “Future” is this year’s overarching theme, with topics such as “Future Mobility User”, “Technological Drivers of Future Mobility Systems” and “Future Mobility Services”. Attendees were also presented with key industry insights into the “Future Challenges in the Chinese Aftermarket”. “The Automotive Aftermarket is a crucial area for our members, keeping vehicles on the road under safe, secure and environmental friendly conditions. Generating annual sales of €120 billion aftermarket is a significant market for the automotive industry. Meanwhile, the European Car Park, with 265 Million vehicles on the road with an average age of 9 years or more, reflects the size and scope of this sector,” explained Mr Paul Schockmel. The CLEPA Aftermarket Conference is the traditional gettogether of the Automotive Aftermarket in Brussels and been growing in popularity each year since it began in 2009.

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