Brother Continues Renewal With Solutions In Automotive

6The Japanese Brother firm maintains its renewal with solutions in the automotive sector

As a leading producer in near past in drilling and tapping machines, Japanese Brother firm continues to offer solution to its customers by clinching its position in the sector with production concept which has changed as “machining center” as of 2014. Entering the year 2014 with completely renewed SX, RX and MX series machining centers, the Brother firm has also marked on this sector with its latest model S1000X1 which world debut was made at JIMTOF 2014 Fair held in November in Japan. Being the only machining in its class having 1.000mm X axle, S1000X1 has been offered for sales across the world in 2015. For example, S1000X1 model which would remove swift machining problem which is experienced in the parts such as cylinder lid of truck engine, truck manifold, crankcase body and base station relay box in communication sector, quick machining solution will be also possible for the similar parts in other sectors in the course of time.

Increasing machining efficiency and speed much more in the parts up to 1.000×500 mm sizes and 500 kg, S1000X1 can be also able to machine the parts up to 540 mm diameters with column heightening option up to 350mm, turning table. Thanks to the widened column base and main body, S1000X1 achieves more strong burrs thanks to optional high torque (10.000 rpm, 92Nm) which keeps its rigid workpiece shaft. This machine, which is powerful as much as not being expected from a workbench with BT30 workpiece shaft, keeps upper cutting performance in materials such as steels with high carbon, stainless steels and even titanium in addition to relative soft metals such as aluminum and various cast irons. Machining tool change speed from chip to chip in 1,4second, 14 or 21 tool capacity and 50m/min speed in X, Y axles and 56mpm in Y axle, this machine provides superiority to its rivals having BT40 workpiece shaft on the same part as processing period. Also providing “Win Win” opportunity to its users up to 80 percent saving in energy and air spending when compared to machines have BT40 workpiece shaft, Brother S1000X1 is nominee of the most interesting machine in 2015.

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