78 Percent Of Turkish Automotive Shipped To EU


78 percent of the Turkish automotive exports accounting for $14 billion 359 million in total shipped to the European Union countries in the first half this year

Reaching the number of 174 country markets, the sector accomplished exports worth $3 billion 127 million to 147 countries, as for 27 EU countries the sector achieved exports worth $11 billion 232 million in H12017.

The Turkish automotive sector shipped its products to 174 countries and autonomous regions as well as 12 free regions primarily to developed countries in the 5 continents, according to the records of the Turkish Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OIB).

In the first half this year, the 27 European Union countries kept its weight with 78 percent of the total automotive exports.

Half of over exports to 5 countries

In January-June 2017, Germany ranked atop with 12.52 percent rise to $2 billion 191 million of the exports. This country was followed by Italy with 28.47 percent worth $1 billion 677 million, France with 26.5 percent rise to $1 billion 488 million, and the UK with 19.33 percent rise to $1 billion 470 million. The closest follower of these countries to which over billion dollar exported accomplished was Spain with 26.3 percent rise to $827,6 million.

These 5 EU countries accounted for over half of $14 billion 359 million of the automotive sector exports in H1 this year.

As the sector exports recorded decrease in 5 countries out of 27 EU countries and meanwhile surged in 22 ones in H12017.

Weight of the EU countries in the automotive exports

The OIB Executive Board Chairman Orhan Sabuncu highlighted that one of the most important markets of Turkey was the EU market.

Stating the rate of export increase to the EU countries and the total rate of export increase were very close to each other, Sabuncu said, “As for the most important reason of this stems from weight of the EU countries with the rate of 78 percent in the Turkish automotive exports.”

When distribution of the exports by countries is examined, 9 out of 10 countries to which the most of exports were shipped were the EU countries, Sabuncu recorded; “The Turkish automotive sector exports enjoyed rise in the rate of 28% in Italy, 26% in France, 27% in Belgium, 60% in Poland, 34% in Slovenia respectively. The USA is one of 10 countries to which the sector export increased 91 percent. In H1, 46 percent rise to Iran, 51 percent to Russia is a pleasing development in terms of alternative markets.”

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