Total Automotive Production Hit Historical High

aThe total automotive production hit its historical high together with tractor the production reached 436,513 units in the first three months this year.

In the first quarter this year, the total automotive production raised 23 percent, automobile production 44 percent. The total number of production became 424 thousand units, as for automobile production 300 thousand units. The commercial vehicle production including passenger and freight vehicles decreased 10% and tractor production decreased 12 percent to 12,294 units in January-March 2017 over the same period last year, according to the report from Turkish Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD). The total automotive production together with tractor reached 436,513 units in the first three months this year. When data between the years 2007-2017 compared, the automobile production has reached highest level in this period. The total market constricted some 8 percent to 160 thousand units in this period. The automobile market shrank 9 percent to 116 thousand units in the first three months. The imported automobile market share became 69 percent in this period. The heavy commercial vehicle market decreased 19% to 3,778 units, truck market 19% to 3,141 units, midibus market 21% to 397 units and bus market 28% to 240 units respectively in the first quarter this year. In terms of last decade on average, the total market surged 13 percent, the automobile market 23 percent and light commercial vehicle market 1 percent; meanwhile the heavy commercial vehicle market plunged 50 percent. In the commercial vehicle group, while the production decreased 10% and 12% in the light commercial vehicle; in the heavy commercial vehicle group the production surged 34% in the first quarter 2017. This change in the heavy commercial vehicle stemmed from base effect. The commercial vehicle market decreased 3%, the light commercial vehicle group 1%, the heavy commercial vehicle group 19% respectively in this period over the same period last year. In the first three months this year, while the total automotive exports increased 33% based on unit, the automobile exports surged 60%. The total vehicle exports became 355 thousand units, automobile exports 255 thousand units. The total automotive exports boosted 25% based on dollar, 30% based on euro. In this period, while the total automotive exports realized as $7,085 billion, the automobile exports rose 89% to worth $3 billion. Based on euro, the automobile exports became 2,8 billion. In this period, 84 percent of 355 thousand vehicles were exported, of these 255 thousand units consisted of automobiles. The tractor exports decreased 14% to 3,283 units in this period. The automotive exports kept its atop place with 19 percent in the overall Turkey’s exports, according to the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM).

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