Minister Işık: Configuration Of EV Prepared

7Fikri Işık, Turkish Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, briefed about configuration and architectural of the domestic made electric car

Turkish Minister Işık briefed technical details of domestic made electric vehicle. Stating configuration and architectural of high range domestic made electric vehicle, Işık said; “If we would be able to let the domestic made electric car enter into force in line with the projected way, the public sector might lineup to purchase it.” Reminding that “Our country has put forward the target to manufacture its own car in President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Premier period, Işık said after took over the ministerial office he has intensified on the issue.

He indicated Turkish automotive sector’s chance was very low in internal combustion engine technology. “In this area, the scale has grown much in the world. Costs have been lowered in an incredible way. Achieving a new brand in the conventional vehicle technology in this conjecture is not easy. But there is a new innovating field; it is high ranged electric cars which spread across the world. We said ‘Let us evaluate this very well.’ We have started a very intensive work. Now it is time to embody these works,” he noted.

About configuration and architectural of domestic made electric vehicle Minister Işık said; “R & D studies will be carried out by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), as for the engineering and design studies to be made together with the private sector in the partnership of TUBITAK, the production stage will be entirely fulfilled by the private sector.”

Işık said they had stepped into works related with the issues that to be fulfilled in the structure of TUBITAK. He added they were maintaining the works with the companies which would make the production in Turkey

Over a question about the public subsidize would be carried out in purchasing domestic made car, Işık said, “If we able to achieve the production of a high ranged domestic made electric car in line with the projected way, the public sector might lineup in purchasing of the domestic made electric vehicle. In my opinion, the production will see a big demand from the market. If a person drives less than 100 kilometers throughout a city, there is an opportunity to spend TL2-3 a day with an electric car without using fossil-fuelled car. With a cost monthly TL50-100, you can drive your car, so this is an incredible saving.”