Karsan Vehicles Make Way To Europe

8Karsan the Turkish automotive firm will maintain its sales and aftersales service via Karsan-Italy Company that has been newly set up in Torino

Developing products and services complying with cities and public transport systems’ change and needs, Karsan is going to operate its activities via Karsan-Italy Company that has been established in Torino to market and sell its new product family which has been improved as a solution for the global needs.

Being established in December 2014, Karsan-Italy S.R.L. will manage the services of Karsan trademark vehicles such as Jest, Atak and Star primarily in Western Europe as marketing, sales and aftermarket services. David Siviero has been assigned as General Manager of the company. Together with the law that regards disabled citizen public transport right entered into force since November 2014 supporting this law with its vehicles Karsan will be launching concept and technology exports of its products in the international dimension by responding to the global need to which Turkey has directed with the contemporary law.

Stating they believed Turkey should be at a position pioneering by generating international developments and changes in line with the targets set for 2023, together with the disabled law, as a contemporary practice which had been entered into force, Murat Selek, Karsan CEO, continued; “Our popularity regarding comfort of Karsan vehicles that is offered to its passengers, as well as easiness provided to vehicle owners and drivers, so our market share in Turkey increases with every passing day. We expect to see the similar interest in Europe as well. Production quality has been approved by the global brands, representing Turkey with its own products, also being able to respond to global needs is a proud situation for Karsan.”

Highlighting the product gamut of Karsan was very suitable for both services intercity and in cities in West Europe, Selek stated; “The historical city centers, narrow streets, small towns and the settlement units – which have smaller transport need – overlaps with our product gamut. All of these needs are offered to passengers and drivers through our eco-friendly vehicles with a big bus comfort. I believe that we will represent Turkey and Turkish automotive sector with success in Europe.”