ITU Solar Car Team To Race In Australia

ITU Solar Car Team which is the first internationally award winning solar car is preparing to participate in “World Solar Challenge 2017” to be held in Australia on 8-15 October

Being supported by the Turkish Ministry of Development and Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA) and designed by ITU GAE (Solar Cars Team), B.O.W ISTKA was introduced at the Ayazaga Campus of the university.

Prof. Dr. Tayfun Kındap, Deputy Rector of ITU, said their students have revealed a value at the end of working studiously for 1.5 years.

Indicating there had been such a school for a long time at ITU, Kındap said; “Our students participate in the world championship with the vehicles they have developed. They have come to a ready position for the race to be held in Australia with a new generation solar car. We are proud with all of them regarding achieving such a project. A tough examination waits for them. They are going to a race for thousands of kilometers. I believe with my deep heart that they will represent our country adequately. I wish them successes.”

Some 800 kilometers in a sunny day

Taking place in ITU GAE, Yunus Emre Cicek, the third class student of ITU Electricity Engineering, said B.O.W. ISTKA has been improved much more than other solar vehicles made in ITU.

Stating they had accomplished 15 percent aerodynamic development in the vehicle, Cicek recorded; “In addition 15% mechanic development has been ensured in the vehicle. A more difficult process has been entered in the race rules regarding process is being lived. Previously, while solar panels were used in 6 meters length, now 4 meters are used and a better energy saving should be provided in the race of 3000 kilometers. Our vehicle is lighter and smaller than earlier vehicles. It includes our own technologies. 90 percent renovation was made. New built-in software has been used. New operators and technologies have been applied.”

He added the vehicle was improved by a 21-person team.

Pointing out the vehicle could speed up 140 km/h, Cicek said; “This is ensured via a single engine. There is a 6 kW battery in it. As the vehicle is charged via sockets with charge units, at the same time charge is made through solar energy. In a sunny day the vehicle drives 800 km.”

He said World Solar Challenge is a race that is held since 1987. “This year, we are the only Turkish team to join the race,” Cicek added.

He recorded, “We are planning to complete 3021km distance ranging from north to south of the country with a single charge and in 5 days.”

Turkey’s Technology Foundation Executive Board Member Haluk Bayraktar said that they had supported the teams were set up in the universities in the scope of setting up 1001 technology teams by 2023. He noted their aim was to encourage young fellows interested in the future areas in the universities to be example to the new generation. He concluded they had supported 20 projects in the universities this year.

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