Ekin Technology Transforms Bicycle To A Smart Patrol

ekin1Making global breakthroughs in the area of traffic safety, Ekin Technology is going to start a new period in traffic with smart technology. Progressing ‘Ekin Patrol’ which features only and single patrol technology by reading license plates and speeds of vehicles, Ekin Technology has carried the system to a further point. It transformed an innovative technology that can be used via bicycle. Ekin Technology displayed ‘ekin smart patrol bike’ at Intertraffic Fair which is regarded one of the biggest platform of the traffic technologies in Amsterdam on 5-8 April. The state-of- the-art technological system – which offers to track speeds and license plates of the vehicles even speeding up to 200 km/h – has gotten full point from international visitors. The new technology which can be able to connect and communicate with the traffic centers like all ekin smart traffic solutions, also being integrated with all other systems. Thanks to this feature, it does not require an additional extra infrastructure. The law implementer bodies can make inspection even entering the limits which exceed the areas of motorized vehicles by ‘smart patrol bike’. Thanks to this they can be able to move on the traffic congestion roads or in crowded. “Primary condition to reduce traffic accidents is smart systems” Ekin Technology Executive Board Chairman Akif Ekin pointed out the importance of smart traffic technologies to prevent and reduce traffic violence and accidents. He continued: “Today, hurrying of the city life and increased population leave all of us to face with traffic. Especially traffic flow has vital importance in terms of safety. However this rate can be reduced to lower levels and we can contribute to prevent traffic accidents which matter death rates and injuries. We see the smart system as the primary condition of this contribution and we are developing technologies directed towards this target.” Smart bikes for smart traffic Akif Ekin said, “The police departments across the world can ensure advantage in the areas of implementing of laws, emergency medical interference by using bike. This vehicle, which provides flexibility and runs silent, is also smart with the system that we have developed. We enjoy happiness of being closer to this target ‘ekin smart patrol bike’ on which we offer our first and only patrol system via bike. Determining violations at traffic via patrol bikes become quicker and easier, so traffic will be safer.”

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