Bosch Demonstrates Intelligent Commercial Vehicles

boschFuture vehicles will be more electrified and efficient, connected and more automated, according to Bosch.

Trucks and commercial vehicles have become an innovation spearhead with Bosch solutions. The mobility megatrends also apply for the commercial transport sector: future vehicles will be more electrified and efficient, connected and more automated. This is made possible by innovative features like real time communication devices, modern sensors and sophisticated powertrain system. Collectively, the company’s commercial vehicle systems combine software, hardware and forward-thinking to energize powertrains, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, empower connectivity and enhance safety and comfort. Bosch is a full system supplier that delivers solutions for its customers and sees its business model as a one-stop-shop. These qualities help truck fleets successfully address challenges for today and tomorrow, resulting in improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, less downtime and increased comfort and convenience on the road. Engineered to save fuel and money while extending the lives of fleets, Bosch’s commercial powertrain solutions include complete diesel and hybrid powertrain systems, integrated vacuum, variable displacement oil pumps and heavy-duty starters and alternators. These high-efficiency starters and alternators play a pivotal role in ensuring a reliable, fullycharged start every time with Intelligent Battery Sense Technology and the use of temperature- and vibrationresistant materials. Additionally, the company’s electric motors and control systems help reduce fuel consumption by up to 6 percent, resulting in a full return on investment within three years.

The user-friendly infotainment and navigation systems help improve driver focus by simplifying the course tracking process. This convenience allows the driver to focus solely on the road. Simultaneously, powerful connectivity systems combine relevant vehicle, route and driver data to improve efficiency and enable intelligent fleet management solutions. Specifically, Bosch’s Connectivity Control Unit tracks and analyzes data to help anticipate maintenance and downtime while the Trailer Connectivity Unit protects cargo by collecting reliable data for independent control and monitoring a trailer’s status. Bosch’s driver assistance systems actively support the driver to enhance driving comfort and improve safety. Bosch has an expansive catalogue in this space, including sensor, radar and video technologies. By continuously collecting vehicle operating data and reporting it to users, Bosch’s Connected Vehicle Fleet Management allows for data-driven maintenance and service decisions, helping increase uptime and profit. This instant access to vital data, provided by Bosch Software Innovations, helps protect against systematic inefficiencies and reduce operating costs for fleets. The Bosch ESI [truck] tool, utilizing Connected Cloud Services, allows service technicians to troubleshoot information and perform diagnostics tests directly at the vehicle. The tool features an intuitive user interface that can service most makes and models of Class 4-8 vehicles with bidirectional controls and is Bluetooth wireless compatible. This level of connectivity gives service technicians the ability to work faster, reduce repair time and get fleet vehicles back on the road quickly.

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