Aktas Holding Exports To Siberia

aktas-holdingSigning an agreement at MIMS Automechanika Moscow 2015, Aktas Holding will export air suspension systems to Siberia that are resistance to minus 80 degree C

Aktas Holding joined MIMS Automechanika Moscow 2015 with its AIRTECH brand. Signing an agreement at the fair, the firm will export air suspension systems that are resistance to minus 80 degree C in Siberia. Taking place among the world leaders with its own brands in its operating sectors, making management change as principle and exporting directly to over 100 countries, Aktas Holding continues to represent our country successfully at the fair organizations that are waited curiously and the latest technologies are displayed in the international dimension along with innovations in the sector.

With its locomotive brand AIRTECH Aktas Holding joined MIMS Automechanika Moscow 2015 Fair which is held since 19 years in Russia, the latest developments and innovations are displayed in the automotive supplier industry and spare parts area featuring one of the biggest fair organizations in terms of the sector. The technological products which have revealed through intensive R & D studies offered to the participants, in the scope of the fair the participants from Russia and the Turkic Republics showed intensive interest with over 30 thousand visitors for 4 days.

In his speech, reminding they had accomplished significant works in the Russian market to date, Sami Erol, Chairman of Board of Directors of Aktas Holding, said they had attributed much importance to MIMS Fair in the aspect of developing new businesses and setting up new business agreements at the fair. Opposite of perception in the world, the Russian economy even in the current condition had a very active structure; Erol stated they had remarkable plans for the region in the upcoming processes, adding they would like to grow in the Russian market.aktas-holding2

Indicating they had tried to represent his country and the sector in the best way during the fair Erol continued, “We see that the Russian firms maintain their growth despite economic fluctuation in the region. We got very positive reactions from the negotiations in both Russia and the Turkic Republics. Our brand AIRTECH in air suspension systems are in the most known brands. This has also provided to result in our business connections very positive. We have also made much business cooperation with Japan at the fair.” Heralding a crucial issue, Sami Erol said; “In a very near time, we will give our air suspension systems – which we have exposed at the end of R & D studies and featuring more productive working base than our competitors in the world, even keeping its performance in minus 80 degree C in Siberia. This is a remarkable development on behalf of the sector. The systems will show high performance even in a very cold air without losing efficiency. This product is important in terms of R & D achievements.”