Kancıoğlu Automotive Makes A Breakthrough

kancioglu-automotiveKancıoğlu Automotive is going to make a breakthrough as a first in the world by offering its new product, TYPE Brake Chamber, to the market this year

As Kancıoğlu Automotive, we launched our business adventure at a production area of 80 sq meters in 1960. As of 2015, we have brought our firm into a comprehensive, systemized position in commercial spare parts production by moving from an area of 80 sq meters to 11000 sq meters, Mehmet Ali Kancaoglu, Chairman of the Board of Kancıoğlu Automotive, said. In this development, they would continue to progress to serve to their partners that work completely for them on an area of 4000 sq meters and generate employment opportunity for the people, he noted.

Kancaoglu continued, “At the same time, continuing to serve to the sectors such as construction, tourism in our
commercial area, we have directed 80% of our power and attention towards the automotive sector with our industrial spirit, production and desire for innovations. In the first years producing engine mountings, shaft centre bearings, along with our innovations we have also added brake chamber production since last 20 years; now we are going to offer TYPE Brake chamber, which is a first in the world by using our knowledge, experience and technology to the market this year. Together with our all necessary R & D studies, abiding by conditions in the scope of the standards, our tests that we accomplished by vehicle continued for 12 months.

In this new process that we have started by believing we have obtained much positive results from our TYPE Brake Chamber. By your mediator we have a debt to thank for everybody who work at Kanca group exerted effort and support. This success belongs to all of us. As Kancıoglu Automotive, we exert efforts to get opinions of our employees, encourage them to produce new ideas, we also play role in their individual progress in order to reach achievement.”

“So, we make our employees feel as a member of our Kanca family rather than as an employee of our firm and their contribution to our firm. We are closer one step ahead to innovations regarding our employees’ competence, talent, effort and production capacity. Our engineers who engaged in our R & D studies for innovation; technical team and masters who devoted themselves to our work have become our partner by producing new ideas for years.” Kancioglu concluded, “Our TYPE Brake chambers were displayed as prototype at IAA HANNOVER fair and saw terrific interest in the giants of the sector. The officials of the firms congratulated us. This is also sufficient for our brand. I hope our success would also contribute promotion of our nation even little bit, everything deserves for our country and people.”