A New Rule In Winter Tire

Extent in use of winter tire – which has been applied since 5 years for commercial vehicles – has been enlarged and in this scope passenger cars have been also included

Having applied for 5 years, the extent of winter tire application has been enlarged. From this winter the private automobiles will also use winter tires. The motor vehicles which might not use winter tires to be subjected to fine worth TL625 between months of 1st December – 1st April.

Well, what will new regulation bring?

Implementation of winter tire has come in the force since 2012 onwards in Turkey. From this year, passenger cars have also been added to the extent of regulation that previously only involved the commercial vehicles. In the upcoming winter all of motor vehicles will use winter tires.

In the notification which has been issued by the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communication in the official gazette on 1st April 2017, said; “Compulsory in use of winter tire has been included for all commercial and passenger vehicles including foreign plaques travelling in the highways.”

According to this, use of winter tire obligation has been involved for all vehicles during the four months starting 1st December 2017 up to 1st April 2018.

Use of winter tire obliges in intercity highways, in city depends on governorate

Use of winter tires in cities will be determined by the governorship taking into consideration the average temperatures. The governorships can add one month to the beginning and finishing month.

Skid chains have also take place in the notice as safety. One of the questions which are worried that “I have skid chain, is it necessary to fixe winter tires?”, the notice indicates “having skid chain will not remove obligation of winter tire.”

The tires which have stud attachments can be used on icy roads.

Additional enforcement has been made in the inspections of winter tires. This year, the municipality bodies will also inspect winter tire application of motor vehicles as well as Security General Directorate, Gendarmerie General Command, the Ministry of Customs and Trade.

Erdal Kurt, Secretary General of LASID, said; “Consciousness in winter tire has increased in a remarkable rate in recent years. As LASID, we continue to works for necessary information and awareness. Together with passenger cars included into the implementation will spread to entire vehicles. We draw attention to use of winter tires for safety drive and traffic streaming.”

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