“We Will Be A Global Player In Automotive Sector”

“We are going to be a global player in the automotive sector including its supplier industry,” Faruk Ozlu, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology

The advantages such as the robust structure of our automotive sector, as well as its supplier industry, our qualified labor force, closeness to developing markets urge us to be a global player, said Minister Ozlu. Speaking at the 40th General Committee Meeting of Association of Automotive Parts & Components Manufacturers (TAYSAD) held at Automotive Supplier Industry Specialization Organized Industrial Zone (TOSB), Minister Ozlu said the members of TAYSAD has strengthened for the automotive industry which features as a locomotive for the economies of many countries.

He recorded the automotive supplier industry would guide the new industry revolution regarding the automotive industry and supplier industry pose as a leading sector.

Highlighting the Turkish automotive sector ranks atop of the all sector to lead development as in all developed countries, Minister Ozlu said; “Lots of sectors as iron-steel, plastic, weaving, glass, paint, electronic, spare parts, repairing, insurance have been in interaction with the automotive sector. Many sectors find life on the orbit of the automotive industry. The firms which operate in the automotive sector in many of the industrialized countries are the biggest companies of the countries.” Minister Ozlu also emphasized the automotive sector has possessed the fundamental economic indicators like production and exports.

“The biggest share in the overall exports belongs to the automotive industry in our country. The Turkish automotive sector closed the year 2017 with a record export rate. In the last 12 years, the automotive sector featured export champion successively. In 2017, worth $29 billion of the sector exports are source of proud for our country. As for another matter that made us utmost delight is exporting 80% of our motor vehicles we produced. We believe from our heart that the automotive industry will set a new export record in 2018 as well.”

“Turkey’s automobile will let the automotive sector jump”

Indicating the technology of the automotive supplier industry topped one of the fastest developing industries, Ozlu continued; “So, we should follow the swift transformation process in the world markets and protect our power. For this we should invest, prepare ourselves in line with R&D, innovation and design. In addition, the sector should allocate 10% of its turnover to investment, primarily to R & D investments. Our automotive supplier firms have obligation to act with high awareness in R & D and design issues. We delightedly see that our firms have this awareness. 10 percent of R & D and design centers which take place in our ministry records belong to the automotive sector. We will be a global player with the main and supplier industry. The advantageous with regard to featuring as a robust structure of our automotive industry, robust supplier industry experience, qualified labor force, our closeness to developing markets make us strong in our target set for being a global player.”

Domestic made automobile urge the sector to jump

Underlining the domestic made car brand would contribute greatly to the Turkish automotive supplier industry, Ozlu continued; “The Turkish own automobile brand will let the automotive sector jump. Science center, technology base, advanced industry country target of Turkey, is an indispensable target for us. We will reach this target absolutely. As walking towards this target the automotive sector together with the supplier industry tops among our biggest partners. We, as the government and ministry, are ready to make robust you, take every kind of measure and give every kind of supports to you in intensive competition condition. We are aware that the automotive supplier industry has a great mission in the framework of shifting to high technology program of Turkey.”

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