“We Should Get Share From Growing EU Market”

we-should-get-shareThe members of TAYSAD manufacture components for the automotive industry in the international standards, so we can be able to get share sufficiently from the EU market in the wanted level, Dr. Mehmet Dudaroglu, head of TAYSAD.

The Head of Association of Automotive Parts & Components Manufacturers (TAYSAD), Dr. Mehmet Dudaroglu met with the press members at Istanbul Avangrade Hotel in a conversation gathering. Dudaroglu said any growth was not gained in the share of GDP in terms of Turkish automotive supplier industry when looked at recent 5 years’ the data. Happening in the rate of 18 percent, the figures have reflected as negative to our competitive power with the European countries.” He continued; “Not gaining any increase and keeping the increase rate in 18 percentages since 2010 to date, Turkish manufacturing industry lagged behind of the countries such as Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. This shows that we have not protected our advantage and competition power. So, supports and incentives of the state should be promoted through being elaborated. We can be able to let our competition skill reach by the wanted level.” Highlighting the members of TAYSAD would manufacture components for the automotive industry in the international standards, Dudaroglu marked that the supplier industry had a crucial place in the manufacturing sector.

The funds that remain from the research support programs should be assessed
Stating that Turkey’s competition power should get benefit more from the supports of R & D in order to let it reach to the wanted levels, Dr. Dudaroglu continued, “Between 2010 -2014, a total of TL4,7 billion allocated for the Research Support Programs from the budgets of TUBITAK, the Turkey’s scientific research organization, but we see that of these only TL3,7 billion was used. In recent 5 years unused research allocation is TL970 million. So, we would like to be transferred this unused funds to the universities and to be used in industry-university cooperation. Particularly, we want it to be assessed in Industry 4.0 Studies which are identified as 4th Industrial Revolution.” He noted they would also experience the effects of fluctuations in the world markets and the slowing down in the Chinese economy as well as other countries across the world, adding that growth in the European Union was continuing. “We should take steps to increase our exports in the EU countries and search for the ways to strengthen our place in this competition condition. We should get our share from increasingly growing market as the automotive supplier industry,” Dr. Dudaroglu highlighted.

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