“We Designs A Sellable Automobile”

“We are going to make the design by determining its model to qualify being able to be sold in the world markets” Turkish Minister Faruk Ozlu

We are going to design an automobile in sellable features, Faruk Ozlu, the Turkish Minister of Science, Industry and Technology.

At a speech, Turkish Minister Faruk Ozlu said; “There is huge difference as much as mounts between now and 15 years ago in Turkey. We remember old Turkey when inflation, interest rates raised in every hour. In those years, Turkey spoke these things. Now we are speaking our goals set for 2023. We speak how to achieve exports worth $500 billion per annum. Our national tank, unmanned air vehicles, our ships, aircrafts made in Turkey. We run for being a global power exceeding our own geography with made in Turkey automobile brand.”

Extending his thanks and gratitude regarding interest shown in the domestic made automobile, Minister Ozlu said; “Our people has claimed their own automobile. Turkish people have hugged their own automobile; they believed this goal, project. Lots of cities have submitted bids for the automotive production factory. There are people to place orders for the domestic made cars. This project has become a project to which our people have claimed, purchased due to a being national project. A sweet competition has constituted between the chambers of commerce, chambers of industry, civil society organizations in the country. Everybody has mobilized for this national task.”

“We are going to design an automobile to have the saleable features”

Indicating there were two phases in the project, Minister Ozlu continued; “The first phase is to set up a joint-venture company. We are working in full swing. We hold meetings. We will make the design by determining its model being able to be sold in the world markets. We will not manufacture an automobile and sell it. We will design a saleable automobile featuring in a segment can be able to possess a place in the markets. So, the first 24 months are the design and prototype manufacturing period. In the second 24 months we will outline the production period.”

Despite, existence of opposition in the issue, they were keen to make the domestic made automobile and sell across the world, he concluded.

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