Türkiye’s Togg Aims to Enter European Market in 2024

Türkiye’s first domestically produced electric car brand Togg aims to enter the European market by the end of 2024, its CEO Gürcan Karakaş said. Speaking to the Turkish-German Economy Forum in Germany’s capital Berlin, Karakaş said the firm will “probably enter markets of Scandinavian countries first.” He added that Scandinavian countries are more open to new brands, more open to electric vehicles, and their infrastructure is more widespread. He also said that the Togg vehicle, seen in Berlin and went viral on social media, was brought to Germany for testing. Starting the project in 2018, Togg began the mass production phase in October as President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan inaugurated the long-anticipated massive manufacturing plant in the northwestern province of Bursa.

Togg will debut in the market in the first quarter of 2023 with the SUV, its first smart device in the C segment, after the completion of homologation tests. The brand’s CEO, who opened the production plant doors to the group of reporters at the end of November, said that the price of the first model would be announced in February, while Togg will likely hit the roads as of the end of March. The electric vehicle produced by a consortium of five Turkish companies called the Automobile Initiative Group of Türkiye, or Togg, will produce five different models  a SUV, sedan, C-hatchback, B-SUV and B-MPV – until 2030 and own its intellectual and industrial property rights.

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, who spoke at the “InovaTIM Innovation Contest Award Ceremony,” remarked on Togg’s developments, noting that it has become the locomotive of the system transformation, standing at the forefront of a new industrial revolution that began with the opening of its plant, which stands as a first project in the “Century of Türkiye” showcase. “Togg, whose intellectual property rights belong to us 100%, will activate new technology-based initiatives. It will enable new unicorns to emerge. It will develop the battery and charging technologies ecosystem in our country. It will contribute to the development of electric motor capacity,” he added. The car brand aims to produce 1 million vehicles by 2030, with some 30,000 units to be sold for public services through 2035, Karakaş announced earlier.