Türkiye’s Havelsan Expands Export Endeavors To Malaysia’s Navy

Havelsan, a leading Turkish company in the military and civil sectors, has achieved significant milestones at the 16th
International Maritime and Aviation Fair (LIMA 2023) in Langkawi, Malaysia. The company has signed three crucial
agreements, demonstrating its commitment to advancing projects in Malaysia. Havelsan’s Chairperson, Hacı Ali Mantar,
expressed his satisfaction with the company’s growing presence in Malaysia during an interview with Anadolu Agency
(AA). He highlighted the establishment of Havelsan’s official office in Malaysia in 2020 and their continuous efforts to become a trusted solution partner for the country. Mantar further emphasized their track record of successfully fulfilling contracts for the Malaysian Land and Air Forces in previous years.

As pioneers in Türkiye, Havelsan introduced the AV 8×8 Armored Land Vehicle Simulator to Malaysia, which proved to be a groundbreaking export. The Malaysian Air Force also benefits from Havelsan’s expertise in pilot flight training. Mantar also revealed that various institutions would soon employ the company’s parachute simulators. Mantar highlighted the strong bonds of trust that Havelsan has forged with
the Malaysian government and public institutions. For example, during the LIMA 2023 Fair, the company hosted
Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim at their booth. This opportunity allowed them to showcase their ongoing projects in Malaysia and discuss potential areas where Havelsan’s existing expertise could contribute further.
Mantar also emphasized the significance of their products and solutions, which have proven highly effective for the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK).

This success further enhances Havelsan’s export potential, establishing them as a reliable provider of cutting-edge technologies. Stating that they aim to provide the ADVENT Combat Management System
to the ship platforms the Malaysian Navy plans to supply; and the ship modernization projects designed are to be
realized shortly, Mantar said, “We informed both the prime minister and the Malaysian defense minister about this issue.”
Adding that they signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with G-7 Aerospace Sdn Bhd to provide solutions for the needs of the Malaysian Air Force at the LIMA 2023 Fair, Mantar said these agreements, including the cooperation agreement they signed with the Malaysian National Defense University in the field of cyber security “is one of the most important indicators of the trust placed in Havelsan and Türkiye.”