Turkey’s First And Only Electric Taxicab On Roads

19Having improved by the engineers of Turkish DMA, Turkey’s first and only electric taxicabs drive on the roads with a cost TL12 in a day instead of TL150 on average

Having improved by the Turkish engineers, the DMA has launched trips of its electric taxi on Istanbul’s roads. Thanks to its electric engine protects environment as well as sees a great interest regarding its comfort, the DMA taxi attracts attention as being quite economic choice for taxi drivers. When all taxies to be converted to electric version worth TL1 billion could be saved in Istanbul, the DMA taxi would affect the use of electric vehicle rate in a great extend in Turkey, Onder Yol, Chairman of DMA, said. As DMA taxi secures fuel economy over 10-fold compared to internal combustion engines whether diesel or LPG-powered, it almost removes the maintenance-need as well. Producing first and only electric vehicle featuring range of 400 kilometers with a single charge, Derindere Motorized Vehicles – DMA has launched electric taxi, making a breakthrough in Turkey. The taxi has been offered for use of passengers in Istanbul.

The DMA Taxi offers comfort to its passengers who do not enjoy to date ever thanks to its silent, odorless and without vibration engine regarding having electric engine featuring zero emission. The passengers, who experienced test of DMA taxi, have become choosier in taxi preferring, Onder Yol, Chairman of DMA, continued; “The environmentally friendly taxi passengers prefer DMA taxi. Furthermore, in addition to its maintenance and fuel savings, we also see a great interest in taxi drivers due to second hand purchasing guarantee.” He also highlighted DMA taxi amortizes itself in two years regarding the maintenance and fuel advantage

The DMA taxi provides saving more than 10-fold when compared to diesel and LPG-powered ones. “Only in Istanbul over 20 taxies operate. In the case all of these taxies converted to electric, worth TL1 billions of saving can be secured per annum. Even it is a long term target; I consider we should advance on the way where the world advances. We believe the necessary incentives should be given in order to electric vehicles to be spread in every area,” Yol said.

We, as DMA, aim to contribute to constitute electric vehicles and supplier industry, which is regarded the future of the world, in our country too. Turkey should have a roadmap in this issue. Germany plans to use 1 million electric vehicles, China 4 million electric vehicles in 2020. In the UK, the vehicles which are not electric vehicles would not be approached more than 50 kilometers to the center of city after 2020. Also only electric taxies would take operation certificate after 2018 in this country. As for Scandinavian countries have zeroed all taxes in this sector and ensure financial support worth 10 thousand euro for every produced electric vehicle. We have taken a remarkable step for the future of electric vehicles. The DMA taxi represents one of the important milestones of the way. As long as DMA electric taxies increase the consciousness of the country in this issue will increase as direct proportion, Onder Yol noted.

DMA taxi driver Mert Al marked the DMA electric taxi featured economic as much as not benchmarking with other taxies. The DMA taxi offers a range of 400 kilometers with a single charge.

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