Turkey’s Crude Oil Imports Up

turkeys-crudeCrude oil imports of Turkey increased 41.7 percent in the first 11 months of 2015, when compared with the same period previous year, according to Turkey’s Energy Market Regulation Agency

Turkey’s crude oil imports increased 38.67 percent totaling 2 million 280 thousand tons in November 2015 over the same month previous year. Also diesel, gasoline, jet fuel and total refinery oil production expanded in the same period. As for in the first 11 months of 2015 between January-November, crude oil imports of Turkey showed 41.7 percent increase, according to the data compiled from the Energy Market Regulation Agency (EMRA). With 2 million 280 thousand tons crude oil imported in November 2015, the total crude oil imports reached 22 million 666,5 thousand tons in the first 11 months last year. While jet fuel diminished 90.37 percent in November 2015,  the amount decreased 76.49 percent in the first 11 months totaling 174,971 tons over the same periods previous month and year respectively. The diesel, gasoline, jet fuel and total refinery oil products’ production increased in November 2015 over the same month previous year. The diesel types’ production increased 38.54 percent to 794,479 tons, gasoline types 40.38 percent to 467,299 tons, jet fuel production 32.62 percent to 411,517 tons, the total refinery oil product production rose by 2 million 470,282 tons with 31.29 percent rise in the first 11 months last year. The production between January – November 2015 raised compared with the same period previous year. In this period, the diesel type production surged 37.37 percent to 7 million 653 thousand tons, gasoline types 31.17 percent to 4 million 653 thousand tons, jet fuel production 39.51 percent to 4 million 605,6 thousand tons, the total refinery oil products increased 37.77 percent to 25 million 346 thousand tons.

Diesel exports down, gasoline exports up
The exports of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel increased in November 2015 over the same month last year. In this period, gasoline exports became 314,680 tons with 52.54 percent rise, diesel exports excluding biodiesel were 3,033 tons increasing 25 percent and jet fuel exports increased 16.5 to 347,891 tons. In the first 11 months, the gasoline exports increased 53.46 percent to 2 million 833,5 thousand tons, jet fuel exports increased 20 percent to 3 million 458,7 thousand tons. The diesel exports, excluding biodiesel, deceased 53.62 percent to 25 million 85 tons. The total fuel sales of the distributor licensed owners increased 18.81 percent to 2 million 23,7 thousand tons in November. In the first 11 months the total fuel sales of the distributor licensed owners increased 14.27 percent to 20 million 781 thousand 280 tons. The highest increase happened in diesel sales including biodiesel with 137,58 percent to 2 million 804 thousand 315 tons.

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