Tofas Gains Sustainable Business Award

tofasEmerging forefront through pioneering its sector in the sustainability travel, Tofas has become the best company in ‘carbon and energy management’ in the scope of ‘2015 Sustainable Business Awards’ which is presented by Sustainable Academy. Having held in line with Green Business Summit, the second edition by Sustainability Academy the Sustainable Business Awards were presented to the owners at a ceremony. Tofas the leading automotive producer of Turkey was deserved award with its project entitled “Proactive Carbon and Energy Management in 7 Steps” in the category of ‘Carbon and Energy Management’. Keeping sustainable business model-approach in its all operations’ axle, Tofas continues to prevail its sustainable operation processes and nonstop development in its entire value chain ranging from working ambiance to the relations with its shareholders. As the first automotive producer company publishing ‘Sustainable Report’ in the Turkish automotive industry’ and in 2015 also issuing its second sustainability report with GRI G4 principle, Tofas also is the first Turkish company entering Carbon Disclosure Project, CDP Climate Performance Leading Index A Band and takes place in the BIST Sustainable Index. Akin Demir, Tofas Industrial Operations Director, said that they had felt a great pleasure regarding getting award in carbon and energy management category at the end of sustainability works to which comprehensive investment made. Indicating they had aimed to be adopted of their sustainability approach by the all employees and shareholders, he said, “We have achieved to settle a sustainable business model and approach including all activity areas, all employees and all components that we have been interactive. We progress this approach with new investment and business ideas, try to let a system enter into force to be more respectful and efficient to human and environment with every passing day. We transfer our works in the second sustainability report to our shareholders in detail way.” Highlighting Tofas was a company taking place in Carbon Disclosure Project, Carbon Performance Index and Sustainable Index of the BIST, Aydemir added; “We are working for building sustainable consciousness being responsible for society and plenary. In line with this, by addressing the environmental, social and economic dimensions of our activities with a holistic approach, we are forming business models based on sustainable future strategies. In addition, we act with the concepts of accountability, transparency, justice, responsibility.” The awarded project of Tofas consists of a roadmap having 7 matters including Proactive Carbon and Energy Management project in seven steps.

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