Three Firms Top In Automotive Exports

Ford ranked as the most exporting firm in the Turkish automotive sector, this followed by Toyota and Tofas respectively in 2017

In Turkey, the most exporting firms in the automotive sector exports were Ford, Toyota and Tofas respectively in 2017.

In 2017, Ford ranked atop in the automotive exporting firms, according to the statement posted by Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OIB). Toyota ranked second and Tofas third in the sector exports, the firms were followed by Oyak Renault, Kibar Foreign Trade, Mercedes Benz Turk, Bosch, MAN Truck & Bus and Goodyear last year.

As for January 2018, the sector exports increased 10.8 percent to $2 billion 287 million, according to the statement. Thus the sector has achieved the most exports ever in terms of January month. The sector share in the overall exports accounted for 19 percent. The sector has also performed the export increase in every month since January 2016 onwards. The double-digit increase in the automotive supplier industry and bus-van-coach segments became determiner in the sector export increase in January 2018. The sector export increase to the USA continued. The USA set on the fifth rank in the sector export alignment with the sector exports worth $154 million.

The sector exports accounted for 20 percent to Germany which is the biggest foreign market of the Turkish automotive sector; 22% to France, 50% to Romania, 29% to Italy, 26% to both the UK and the USA. In passenger cars, the exports decreased 9% to France, 30% to Italy, 27% to the UK. In this segment, the exports upped 100% to the USA raking second in this category exports. The special purpose vehicles’ exports decreased 39% to the UK, 14% to France, 29% to Slovenia; increased 12% to Italy. In bus-van-coach group the exports surged 457% to Italy, 149% to Spain, 58% to the Netherlands, according to the statement.

“Automotive firms maintain success-graph in 2017”

Orhan Sabuncu, head of the OIB, commented; “The automotive firms maintained their success graph in 2017 due to market growth of the countries and regions to which the sector exported; also increase in vehicle production and exports, intensive interest in the new models urged the automotive firms to sustain the success-graph last year.”

Highlighting the automotive firms had set their export strategies very well, also along with joining fairs, and activities for trade and purchasing committees increased market diversity, Sabuncu concluded; “Last year, achieving $28,5 billion of exports the automotive sector has accelerated the Turkish overall exports. As the Turkish automotive sector, we continue our works seamlessly to contribute to raise the sector exports this year as well. 11 percent increase in January 2018 is the best indicator of these efforts. I wish all of our firms – which contributed leadership of our sector in the exports for the 12th consecutive year – to maintain their successes.”

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