Temsa Safir VIP Offers Best Comfort

17Guler Sabanci, Chairwoman of the Board of Sabanci Holding: “Temsa runs to leadership in bus and minibus segment”

One of the leading automotive companies of Turkey, Temsa has introduced its new bus Safir VIP to the press members holding a meeting at Sabanci Center on 26th February. Guler Sabanci, Chairwoman of Sabanci Holding; Mehmet Pekarun, Chairman of Industrial Group of Sabanci Holding and Dincer Celik, General Manager of Temsa were present at the launching of the buses, the number of 40 Temsa Safir VIP delivered to Kemal Erdogan, General Manager of Kamil Koc firm. Producing and exporting its own brand in bus and minibus segments the leading bus companies of Turkey, Temsa introduced its new bus Safir VIP to press members holding a launching meeting at Sabanci Center. In response to its supper performance, attracting attention with low expense in operation and fuel consumption, Safir VIP also provides extra 150 thousand euro turnover to its customers in four year due to its +4 seats.

Possessing a fresh interior space with its flat-floor feature, the vehicle also provides maximum comfort with ergonomic VIP seats. Safir VIP also offers many choices to its passengers with limitless internet, customized digital publications and LCD screen. Possessing second hand high value because of original production is among the features of Safir VIP. Guler Sabanci, Chairwoman of Sabanci Holding: “Temsa runs to leadership in bus and minibus segment” In her speech at the press conference, highlighting Temsa, which takes place in the most rooted establishments of Sabanci Holding, has started a new travel with Safir VIP, Chairwoman Guler Sabanci said; “Developing with innovative and fast solutions by focusing on customer needs, Temsa has passed last two years very successful, increased its market share. Also the new products, which will be revealed by the efforts of Turkish engineers, designers, are underway. Not only in the domestic market, but also exporting to 64 countries makes us proud, so Temsa is running to leadership in bus and minibus segment.” Briefing a presentation covering topical data based on bus sector about intercity and citywide, Dincer Celik, General Manager of Temsa, said that they have brought comfort and quality to 2+1 segment with Safir VIP bus. When bus operators invest in Safir vehicles they will also enjoy happiness of gaining more income. Temsa stays atop of the establishments which listen to expectations and demands in the best way of its customers and let them enter into force.”

At the end of launching of Safir VIP, Kemal Erdogan, General Manager of Kamil Koc – who took delivery of the keys of 40 Safir VIP buses from Dincer Celik, General Manager of Temsa – in his speech said their Temsa brand bus fleet reached 210 units with the new Temsa buses. He continued, “Kamil Koc is a firm focusing on efficiency. For these reason growing effective and efficient is our key principle. In recent years, we grow in a stable way. Every year while highway carrying grows 4 percent on average, Kamil Koc grows 20 percent on average. We achieve a growth rate over Turkey’s average growth in recent years. Every investment in bus fleet contributes remarkably to our total growth. In 2014, we have been at the service of our customers with 800 bus fleet; in 2015, we aim to reach 1000 vehicles growing 25 percent as fleet.”