TAYSAD Reaches Number Of 404 Members

TAYSAD has exceeded the number of 400 members that targeted for the 40th anniversary, Alper Kanca, head of the Turkish Association of Automotive Parts & Components Manufacturers

The 40th General Committee Meeting of the Turkish Association of Automotive Parts & Components Manufacturers (TAYSAD) was held by participation of Faruk Ozlu, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology and Huseyin Aksoy, Governor of Kocaeli.

Delivering keynote speech of the General Meeting, Alper Kanca, head of TAYSAD, specified that they had exceeded the number of 400 members targeted for the 40th anniversary, and added they accomplished one of their targets by reaching the number of 404 members in the 40th anniversary.

Telling TAYSAD’s goals in its 40th anniversary, Kanca said; “For a while later, after foundation of our association reaching 100 members, now the number has exceeded 400 units. Our present goal is let our members spread across Turkey. We aim to spread our members which have been in 19 provinces mostly intensifying in Kocaeli and Istanbul throughout Turkey.”

Marking R & D studies were the future of the sector, Kanca said; “The leadership in R & D and design centers have also been in the automotive supplier industry. In Turkey, there are nearly 1000 R & D and design centers, of these 127 ones belong to the members of TAYSAD. At the end of these figures our aim is to enter first 10 in design, technology and supply area in the world. Now our target is not seen much far.”

“We struggle for TAYSAD and Turkey perception”

Indicating TAYSAD Executive Board had noteworthy works in perception matter, Kanca continued; “In order to be successful in trade you should have a robust perception. The bad perception would impact the supplier industry in short and medium term and as for the main industry in long term. We visit and invite the senior members of the sector to Turkey to manage our perception on the right track. In 2018, we, as a committee, are planning to visit the Indian Ashok Leyland and French PSA. Our negotiations with Chinese FCA-GAC and French Renault Tecnocenter are continuing.”

“TAYSAD realizes a crucial mission”

In his speech, indicating the supplier industry was achieving an outstanding mission for Turkey, Faruk Ozlu, the Turkish Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, said; “The supplier industry strengthen the automotive industry. It provides the automotive sector stand on own feet. TAYSAD supplier industry performs that the robust sectors can stand on own feet.”

“Automotive sector is one of focus sectors”

As the ministry he said they would work on core sectors to allow Turkey jump in the domesticated matter, Minister Ozlu said; “In our works, 5 core sectors have appeared. One of them is the automotive sector. The export champion of the country is the automotive sector for 12 consecutive years. The export figures of the automotive industry are proud for us. We hope the Turkish automotive sector would set new records in 2018 as well.”

Touching the R & D studies of TAYSAD, Ozlu said; “I wish R & D and design centers to expand more. The automotive industry guides the development of technology. Lots of sector has interactive with the automotive industry and has been on its orbit. The automotive industry poses as backbone of our country. So, I congratulate TAYSAD which is a driving force of the automotive industry as well as its 40th anniversary.”

The successful members were awarded in the 40th anniversary of TAYSAD. The awards of the firms – which exported much, joined the education programs that were held by TAYSAD and supported social responsibility projects – were presented by the Minister Ozlu and Governor Aksoy.

In the exports as Bosch, Maxion Inci Jant and Valeo took place at first three, in education category Kirpart topped, Assan Hanil and Ma-Pa Machinery second, Presmetal ranked third. As for the firms granted much to ADMOG project were Asaş Aluminum, Ford, Tezmaksan and Barsan Logistic.

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