TAYSAD: Plugged into dynamism and innovation

TAYSAD, Automotive Suppliers Association of Turkey, held its 42nd Ordinary General Assembly Meeting which was postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak last year. During the the Ordinary General Assembly organized with the participation of a limited number of members due to pandemic measures, Alper Kanca, who has worked on behalf of the automotive supplier industry for 5 years as the Chairman of the Board of TAYSAD, handed over his position to Albert Saydam.

The new term Board of TAYSAD includes Şekib Avdagiç (Avitaş Kompozit A.Ş.), Berke Ercan (Cavo Otomotiv A.Ş.), Osman Zeki Sever (Ditaş Doğan A.Ş.), Doğukan Dudaroğlu (Eku Fren A.Ş. ), Atacan Güner (Assan Hanil A.Ş.), M. Fatih Uysal (Norm Cıvata A.Ş.), Lokman Yamantürk (Parsan Makine A.Ş.), Yakup Birinci (Birinci Automotive Inc.), Hakan Konak (Toyota Boshoku A.Ş.) and Tülay Hacıoğlu Şengül (Maysan Mando A.Ş.).

During the General Assembly, Chairman of TAYSAD Albert Saydam said “Turkey has turned out to be one of the leading automotive industry manufacturer of the world with its proven quality and expertise. The automotive supplier industry is one of crucial player that  paved the way for this success. I would like to express my gratitude to Alper Kanca, who has performed invaluable work in order to increase the competitive power of Turkish automotive supplier industry, especially in Europe, by expanding our export volume and establishing new cooperation bridges, thereby solving the problems of the supplier industry. Mr. Alper Kanca’s efforts and vision during his 5 years in office have been remarkable not only for our industry but also for our country ”.

“TAYSAD experiencing a far reaching restructuring process”

Saydam noted that 28 members representing each product group and different regions are involved in the new management team. He said, “TAYSAD has been experiencing a restructuring process. This change is essentially a race to raise the bar upgraded by the previous team. TAYSAD is the pride of Turkey. We will undertake this trust with a great responsibility.”

Chairman of TAYSAD Albert Saydam

“Our products, our businesses have to be smarter”

Underlining the fact that the change and transformation experienced by the automotive sector accelerated with the pandemic process, Saydam said, “The major challenge is the rapid change in technology and customer demands. We’re not just talking about smart mobile gadgets or the technology we use. Digital techniques and green technologies also play their parts. Therefore, we are talking about a wide and complex world that businesses cannot  manage alone. Our products, our businesses have to be smarter more than ever. Architecture of production and supplier relationship is restructured in the industry. Thus, we, as business managers, have to be smart too,” he said.

“We have a very difficult process ahead of us”

Explaining that we are going through a period in which the phenomenon of globalization has completely changed. Saydam pointed out, “Due to the pandemic, automotive vehicle manufacturers are in search of new opportunities in the near regions. This is an opportunity for Turkey as well. Turkish automotive supply industry showed a remarkable success by exceeding the overall economic performance of the country. We have to upgrade this to a higher level. This is possible with new business models, business techniques and approaches. We must be dynamic in our decision-making processes. New developments in our industry gave us new opportunities. TOGG investment will be a full length mirror for us. We have the opportunity to evaluate our positive or negative aspects. Ford Otosan’s electric vehicle project offers a similar opportunity. As TAYSAD management team, we will take important steps by focusing on new technologies and innovation with our members. ”

The companies were awarded

Within the scope of TAYSAD’s 42nd General Assembly meeting, the companies that increase their  exports,  the companies that receive the most patent registration,  the companies that  participate in the training programs organized by TAYSAD, and the companies that support the ADMOG corporate social responsibility projects, which support TAYSAD’s vocational training, were all awarded.

Export Awards

  • Top export members in 2019:
  1. Bosch Sanayi
  2. Maxion İnci Jant
  3. Tırsan Treyler
  • Most exporting members in 2020:
  1. Bosch Sanayi
  2. Maxion İnci Jant
  3. Tırsan Treyler
  • The members who increased the export percentage most in 2019:
  1. Scattolini
  2. Freudenberg
  3. Kalibre Boru
  • The members who increased their export percentage most in 2020:
  1. İsmak Group
  2. Farba Otomotiv
  3. Toyotetsu Otomotiv

Members with the most patent registration in 2019:

  1. Tırsan Treyler
  2. Bosch Sanayi
  3. Martur Sünger

Members with the most patent registration in 2020:

  1. Vestel Elektronik
  2. Tırsan Treyler
  3. Bosch Sanayi
  • Members who send most employees to TAYSAD trainings in 2019:
  1. TI Otomotiv
  2. Pimsa Adler
  3. Ermetal
  • Members who send most employees to TAYSAD trainings in 2020:
  1. Autoliv Cankor
  2. Olgun Çelik
  3. Kros Otomotiv
  • Members who made the most donations to the ADMOG Vocational Schools Project in 2019:
  1. PPG Industries
  2. Autoliv Cankor
  3. Asaş Alüminyum
  • Members who made the highest donations to the ADMOG Vocational Schools Project in 2020
  1. Autoliv Cankor
  2. Hexagon Studio
  3. Festo