Striking accomplishment by Turkish engineers

Cangas, an engine tech company has minimized petrol consumption on TSI, FSI, TCE, GSI engine cars -equipped with LPG conversion- down to %1,5. Delivered to be on the dealers inventory with the registered label, ‘Master Direct’, the kit offers pioneering production and software specifications.

Headquartered in İzmir and specialized to manufacture sequential LPG systems and spare parts, Cangas LPG Technologies jump-started 2021 with their new, cutting-edge tech product, ‘Master Direct’. Excitingly welcomed by the relevant sector, Master Direct, applicable to TSI, FSI, TCE, GSI engined cars, manufactured in 2015 and later is successfully continuing. There’s a growing demand to the kit both from domestic and international markets as it lowers the petrol consumption down to %1,5.

Informing us of the new product, registered as ‘Master Direct’, Okan Niğdeli, the R&D manager at Cangas Technologies said they successfully managed to conclude innovation process of LPG kits whose R&D studies lasted 3 years and that they minimized the petrol consumption on cars equipped with LPG systems down to %1,5.  “New generation ECU (Engine Control Unit) that we’ve developed is manufactured to function in coherence with the automobile’s own software. The software on our kit runs like automobile’s authentic software, not like an outside interference. Additionally, 128 different electronic control systems monitor the overall operation. As for the petrol consumption, it’s down to %1,5, which is ideal and probably a record low consumption. Master Direct also operates efficiently  on automobiles that are powered with tuning systems. I’d like to acknowledge Cangas R&D team for their outstanding endeavors and our managerial team for their vision and endless contribution. I sincerely wish it brings good luck and contributes to whoever is involved in our sector.”

Drawbacks are History!

Developed as a result of a two-year R&D effort, Cangas Master Direct Kit shines with unequalled software. An electronic monitoring sytem checking 128 functions operates with the automobile’s own system as one.

This very system is not all about software adaptation; it offers various other remarkable advantages which contribute so much to users’ budget.

The data collected out of performance tests displays that average petrol consumption of cars, equipped with Master Direct does not exceed  %1,5, which we believe is legendary among other LPG kits selling at the market!

The performance results are amazing. It operates quite satisfactorily up to an average of 6500 rpm without cutting off gas usage. One doesn’t have to worry about challenging roads where one needs power and performance.

Master Direct, whose parts have gone through countless numbers of tests clearly eliminates problems like engine knocking or flood. It stands out by a landslide with its perfect functioning in combustion chamber.

Master Direct Kit is at the Dealers Before the Year is Out!

More than 100.000 km test drives with over 30 automobiles prove that Master Direct is ready to do its role at the market as the flagship of Cangas.

The mass-production of Master Direct, appraised highly according to the tests, will be on the shelves at the Cangas dealers before the year is out.

Accomplishment as such by Turkish engineers is a clear indication that there will be way more innovative contributions to the sector in the days to come.

Informing us of their recently launched products, registered as ‘MIC 24’ and MIC 28, Okan Niğdeli, the R&D manager at Cangas Technologies said they had worked roughly about 3 years on 4 cc engine applications with MIC 24 and on 6-8 cc ones with MIC 28. “Last year, we applied preliminary installations to test the new products, which ended up in %98 success. That we obtained such a good result excited and made us proud so much. Upon heavy demand from customers through our 250 dealers and installation teams nationwide, we escalated the production which is %100 domestic for the year 2020.  We are proud and happy to have launched such kits developed by our own R&D team, for which we see there is a great demand from the relevant market. Apparently, we reap the fruits of our constant R&D investments.”

Specifications of MIC 24

MIC 24 kit of Cangas features pineering specs. It contains its own electronic control units (ECU). Being the achivement of Turkish engineers, the innovation is now a hope for single injection automobiles, mechanical injection automobiles and those with carburetor.


The kit features following advantageous specifications: It maintains the emission level regardless of how much the air filter gets contaminated. It eliminates repulsion on mechanical and mono point injection cars. It complies with gasolina standards in terms of engine performance with the ability to get stabilized at high revs. Additionally, compared to mixer systems, it provides more than %10 less gas consumption. Injection of LPG into the engine is supplied by engine compression itself. Excessive accumulation of LPG, in the meantime, is prevented, thanks to the technical specs of MIC 24. Road analyses, engine performances, gas savings and satisfaction surveys carried out through test drives with over 2000 automobiles powered by MIC 24 sequential LPG system proved the realization of 40 to 50%  less gas consumption compared to petrol consumption.