“Step Underway For Indigenous Car”

34We have a dream for indigenous car brand characterizing its own design, technology; we will achieve this, Nihat Zeybekci, Turkish Minister of Economy

Turkish automotive industry can be able to achieve its own car brand with its own design and technology, “but this is only a financial issue. This should be installed. The automotive industry will absolutely step into this project,” Nihat Zeybekci, Turkish Minister of Economy, said.

In his speech delivered at the 40th Anniversary of Automotive Manufacturers’ Association (OSD), Minister Zeybekci the automotive industry is source of proud for Turkey. On the trip of Turkey’s industrialization and technology, the automotive industry was the sector that has achieved a jump, Zeybekci said the automotive sector has been one of the rare sectors can be able to compete across the world.

Along with the last investments automotive sector with its capacity utilization ranking 16th in the world, 6th in Europe was not enough, Zeybekci said; “Turkey should be hub of automotive in Europe. We are number one in Europe in some areas for example in some vehicles such as bus, truck. So that we can be able to be number one in automobile as well. We can also come to a very distinctive point in the world. For that reason, our door has been left open completely in cooperation with you. After this it will continue to remain open.”

Marking the automotive sector had features to mobilize many sectors; Zeybekci stated Turkey has self-confidence in the automotive sector to be able to compete with the world. “One of the most indicators to manufacture its own automobile Turkish automobile industry is capable to manufacture necessary everything for making a motorized vehicle. Currently, the automotive sector is a locomotive in R & D. In Turkey, there are 176 R & D centers, one third of these have been in the automotive sector. This is also become an example for other sectors. As the government, we have also removed restrictions and limits concerning R & D centers,” he noted.

Touching Turkish automobile industry had a dream to manufacture its own automobile with its own design and technology, Zeybekçi concluded, “Our industry will achieve this. Because of this qualification is available in Turkey. This is not a technology matter, mastership or engineering matter. This is only and only a financial matter. This should be scheduled. Once we install the factors related with this and economy, make this scenario and simulation, we can be able to manufacture the indigenous automobile very easy.”