Sales Of Luxury Vehicles Fall In H1

With regard to tax regulations which have been enacted for the imported luxury cars, the sales of this segment decreased 17.51 percent to 10,928 in the domestic market in H2017

Since the regulations enacted in the imported vehicle tax last November, the sales of luxury and ultra-luxury automobiles fell 17.51 percent to 10,928 units in H12017. In this period, the sales of luxury automobiles constricted 15.61 and ultra-luxury vehicles plunged by 26.19 percent. According to the information from the Turkish Automotive Distributors Association (ODD), the sales of luxury and ultra-luxury vehicles virtually over 2000cc setback to 10,928 units plunging 17.51 percent in H12017, last year the sales of these vehicles were 13,248 units. The sales of luxury vehicles which were 10,865 units in H12016, this year the sales constricted in the rate of 15.61 percent to 9,169 units. As for the ultra-luxury vehicles which were 2,383 units last year in H1 constricted 26.19 percent to 1,759 units in H12017. The most sold luxury vehicles in E segment were BMW with the number of 2,886 units in H1 this year. This model was followed by Mercedes-Benz E series with 2,813 units and Audi A6 with 814 units in H1 this year. Only one Fiat Freemont in this segment was sold inH12017. In F segment, the sales of BMW X5 model led with 278 units, and then Land Rover Range listed with 254, Volvo XC model with 195 units and Mercedes Benz S series with 128 units in H1 this year. In this segment, one Mitsubishi Pajero model sold. Aston Martin sold its 12 vehicles in F segment in the Turkish domestic market. Ferrari 6 vehicles and Lamborghini 3 vehicles sold in H12017. While Maserati sold 19 vehicles in F segment, the brand mostly sold in Levante model with 15 units and 4 units in Quattroporte model. Totally in E and F segments, 316 Porsches, 147 Jaguars, 47 Lexus, 23 Maseratis, 6 Bentley, 6 Ferraris and 3 Lamborghinis were sold in H12017 in the Turkish domestic market. The mostly sold luxury and ultraluxury model was Mercedes-Benz with 3,774 units in the first half. This brand followed by BMW with 3,474 units, Audi with 1i252 units and Land Rover with 772 units in this period. When these two luxury segments are compared the first three brands’ ranging did not change.

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