Purchasing Right To License Speeds Up Domestic Made Car

PurchasingAcross the world the studies about patent are formidable and require a certain time, Ahmet Arif Emre, President of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), said in his speech at a meeting held by Izmir Chamber of Commerce (IZTO). He noted they had won a time accounting for 10-year by purchasing the right to license of SAAB for the domestic made automobile production. TUBITAK President Ergin briefed the assembly members of Izmir Chamber of Commerce (IZTO) about activities of TUBITAK and responded questions of the businessmen in Izmir. Highlighting competition in the world was increasingly escalating, to get a patent in a new item was formidable and it would take for a long time, Ergin said SAAB brand of which right to license has been acquired allows Turkey win a time for 10 years in the domestic made car. He continued, “In order to manufacture a domestic made car brand over one million of intellectual property rights are paid for the new patent right. TUBITAK has launched a study to improve satellite batteries and has come to a position to produce its own patent. Turkey has a capability in this issue and we want to bring this into a commercial condition. We should make homologation in order to let this technology enter the market. Without doing this,selling automobiles in other countries is not possible. For this reason, we have purchased a license right of a foreign brand vehicle. So, we have gained a time accounting for a 10- year. Now we can be able to compete inthe international markets by adding electric engines and other components on this.”

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