Peugeot Wishes To Boost Its Market Rate

aarabaPeugeot try to boost its market share from 4 percent to 7 percent in Turkey with its rich vehicle gamut in long term.

Jean Christophe Quemard, PSA Peugeot Citroen Operational Director of Middle East & Africa, said they had boosted spare parts purchasing amount from Turkey in a remarkable size. “In Turkey, there is a genuine supplier texture, we benefit from this. We a have upgrading and growth plan directed towards the spare parts to purchase from Turkey,” he added. Regarding his gathering with press members at Istanbul Autoshow, Quemard said Peugeot brand grew in the same rate as the total market in Europe in the first quarter this year, in March their sales and market share increased more with the contribution of Peugeot 3008 model. Over a question, stating the regions with which he was responsible had chaos inclination, actually Europe had the same situation, and he said, “There is Brexit that makes everything overturn. In fact, the world is also chaotic now. So, we perceive the chaotic elements as the naturel part of situation and we try to get harmonization.” Recording they had made some initiatives in recent years despite the current condition, he continued; “For example we have signed two important agreements in Iran for Peugeot and Citroen brands. With these agreements we will be able to offer vehicles in the noteworthy size to this market. In Algeria, we have put forward an industrials investment project to be able to overcome with the closed market. So, we will be able to be harmonious with difficult conditions.”

“New Peugeot products will come”

Stressing Turkey was also very vital for them, Quemard said, “Turkish market ranked 10th in our sales across the world in terms of first quarter. Turkish automotive market is in the 1 million unit edge. It will exceed this limit.” Stating the spare parts amount which they supply from Turkey had increased in the noteworthy amount in the last two years, Quemard said, “We did this due to two reasons. First, in Turkey there is a genuine supplier texture, we benefit from this. Second, we do this in order to see less loss from ups and downs in the foreign currencies. In this meaning there is a growth and development plan.” Reminding Peugeot has a market share in the rate of 4% in Turkey, Quemard concluded, “This rate should reach at least 7% in long term. Our product gamut is rich and awarded and is the best vehicles of its own segments. In the commercial vehicle there is a rich range. In terms of product, there are our very powerful trumps. We must transform our powerful trump in the market. You will see, new Peugeot products will come.”

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