Passenger Car Registrations Up 10.1% In EU

passenger-arIn the first two months this year the EU passenger car registration surged 10.1%, in February 2016, the market posted a highly accelerated increase, marking the 30th consecutive month of growth with 14.3%

In February 2016, the EU passenger car market posted a highly accelerated increase, marking the 30th consecutive month of growth. Registrations during the month grew (+14.3%) compared to February 2015, totalling 1,056,902 units. Among the major markets, Italy (+27.3%), France (+13.0%), Spain (+12.6%) and Germany (+12.0%) recorded strong performances in February, all posting double-digit percentage growth. From January to February 2016, new passenger car registrations increased by 10.1%, totalling 2,118,273 million units. All major markets posted growth, contributing to the overall upturn of the EU market. Italy (+22.6%) and Spain (+12.4%) recorded the strongest performances over the period, both posting double-digit percentage gains. Also the French (+8.7%), German (+7.8%) and UK (+4.7%) passenger car markets grew during the first two months of 2016, although at more modest rates. As for alternative fuel vehicle registrations in the fourth quarter of 2015, total alternative fuel vehicle registrations in the EU continued its positive momentum (+21.1%), totalling 164,718 units. Of these, electric vehicle (EV) registrations showed a substantial increase (+160.5%), more than doubling. EV registrations rose from 22,531 units in Q4 2014 to 58,689 units in Q4 2015. Demand for new hybrid vehicles (HEV) also grew significantly (+28.8%), reaching 60,911 units. On the other hand, new registrations of cars powered by propane or natural gas showed a double-digit dip (-31.8%) similarly to the previous quarter, totalling 45,118 – more than 20,000 units
less than in Q4 2014. Among the EU’s major markets, the Netherlands saw the largest increase of AFVs registered over the last quarter (+258.1%), followed by France (+43.7%), Germany (+27.8%) and the UK (+17.4%). Growth in these countries was fully driven by electric and hybrid electric car markets, especially in the Netherlands where the largest number of new electric cars was totalled. Italy performed less well compared to Q4 2014 (-23.6%), mainly due to the decline observed in the gasfuelled car registrations, which represent more than 80% of total AFVs. In 2015, more than half a million AFVs were registered in the EU, up 20% compared to 2014. This represents 4.2% of total passenger car registrations. The uplift was fully sustained by the electric (+108.8%) and hybrid electric (+23.1%) markets, while the other alternative fuels declined (-8.4%).

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