One Spare Parts, number-one automotive spare parts supplier

With nearly 15 years of domestic and foreign trade experience in the automotive sector, One Spare Parts company laid the foundations in Istanbul in 2021 as Moons Automotive Tic. Ltd. The company has always managed to offer the best products and made great efforts to use all its knowledge and experience. To learn the details of the success story of One Spare Parts, we have recently conducted an exclusive interview with Muammer Yumuşak of the company.

Can you briefly introduce yourself and your company?

Our company, MOONS AUTOMOTIVE TRADING LTD., is an experienced export company that spreads its brands to as many countries as possible
worldwide through our international connections. We operate in the heavy vehicle spare parts industry, providing aftermarket services from A to Z for brands such as MAN, MERCEDES, DAF, VOLVO, SCANIA, IVECO, DEUTZ, RENAULT, CATERPILLAR, CUMMINS, and all kinds of TRAILER brands.

What products are in your portfolio, and what are the outstanding factors of these products? What kind of work do you have in product development and R&D?

Our product groups include all spare part components compatible with MAN, MERCEDES, DAF, VOLVO, SCANIA, IVECO, DEUTZ, RENAULT, CATERPILLAR, CUMMINS, and all types of TRAILER brands, from A to Z.

What features separate you from your competitors?

On this journey, our customers’ satisfaction and interests are more important than short-term high profits. Our primary goal is to solve problems instantly and within the framework of our customers’ benefits through active dialogues with them.

Do you have any investments planned for the short,  medium, and long term?

Our main goal is to focus on customer satisfaction based on the experience gained over the years with our ONE SPARE PARTS and KOENTECH brands, to become one of the leading companies in the industry  shortly, and to become a company that directs and sets trends for the market.

Can you provide details about your exports? What can you say about your strategies regarding your current and target markets, international promotions, and participation in fairs?

We aim to reach every point we can in the world related to our industry. We value participating in fairs, but we prefer face-to-face meetings with our customers even more.

Are there any particular issues or topics you would like to emphasize?

We believe it is necessary to pay attention to the issue of counterfeit products, which we have unfortunately started encountering in our industry. We humbly suggest that our customers should choose their suppliers carefully and shop from reliable companies.