One Of Every Five Cars Purchased By Leasing Sector


In the first 9 months this year, 1 of every 5 automobiles that sold in the Turkish domestic market is purchased by the leasing fleet, so the number of vehicle in the rental sector exceeded 300 thousand units.

Turkey’s Auto Leasing Establishments Association (TOKKDER) has issued Operational Leasing Sector Report including first 9 months of 2016. According to the report, the operational leasing sector has added 99 thousand units of the new automobiles sold in the Turkish market to its fleet accounting for 20.2 percent in the first 9 months of 2016. So the number of vehicles in the fleet of the sector has reached 306,400 units. Investing TL7 billion for the new vehicles in the first 9 months, Turkey’s operational leasing sector’s active growth surpassed TL21 billion. Last year paying nearly TL4 billions of Value Added Tax, Motorized Vehicle Tax and Special Consumption Tax; in the first 9 months in 2016 the operational leasing sector paid tax TL3 billion 244 million. Renault most preferred brand According to the report, Renault maintains its leading position of the most preferred brand in the Turkish operational leasing sector with 30.7 percent. This brand is followed by Volkswagen with 14.8 percent, Ford with 10.9 percent and Fiat with 8.6 percent respectively. The vehicles of the sector comprised of 51.3 percent C segment, 28.8 percent B segment, 12.6 percent D segment. 95.1 percent of the sector vehicles consist of diesel engines, manual transmission vehicle rate kapıaccounted for 54.3 percent. TOKKDER General Coordinator Tolga Ozgul said as of the end of September 2016 the number of vehicles operate on the roads of Turkey is 20 million 801 thousand units according to the data from Turkish Statistical Institute. Of these nearly 11 million 109 thousand units are automobiles. Ozgul concluded, “When taken into consideration 2,5 million units of these 11 million 109 thousand units which are used business purposed by the establishments and companies, the operational leasing sector accounted for 12 percent of these vehicles. This rate changes between 30-40 percent in the developed countries.”

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