Number Of Airline Passenger To Exceed 200 Million In 2017

automotive3Turkey’s aviation sector is expected to exceed the current passenger limit by reaching over 200 million in 2017 with 23 percent increase, according to the report of the State Airport Authority

The number of airline passenger which was 166 million in 2014 would reach 204 million with 23 percent increase in 2017, according to the announcement of General Directorate of State Airport Authority (DHMI). Last year setting a record in aviation, Turkey aviation sector is expected to exceed the passenger limit of 200 million in 2017, according to revised report of the DHMI. The report includes the items such as passenger, aircraft, cargo and expectations.

Last year including direct transit flights, the number of airline passengers accounted for 166 million 181 thousand 339, this year it is expected to reach 178,5 million with 7 percent rise. Next year the number would be 192,5 million, the number of passenger is expected to exceed 204 million in 2017. The biggest increase in airline passenger would realize in the domestic lines. Last year, being the number of 85,4 million, expected to reach by 107,4 million increasing 25.7 percent in 2017. The number of passenger in the international lines would reach 96,4 million

Aircraft traffic will surge 21 percent

Last year including transit flights the aircraft traffic was 1 million 678 thousand 971, it is expected to reach 1 million 796 thousand 774 this year. Next year it is foreseen to rise by 1 million 930 thousand 545, as for the year 2017 the number would exceed 2 million. In 2017, the aircraft traffic is expected to boost 21 percent.

The domestic line traffic

Last year the cargo movement through Turkey’s airports was 2 million 893 thousand tons, this year the cargo transport expected to reach over 3 million tons and next year it would be 3 million 226 thousand tons, in 2017 it is foreseen the cargo transport by aircraft might be 3 million 392 thousand tons