No Obstacle For Visually Handicapped With Autonomous Drive

Untitled-2Faults are not repeated in robot automobiles when compared with human, according to Sebastian Thrun, founder of Google-X

Driverless vehicle technology developer Sebastian Thrun informed about new future when digital automobiles to be used, according to his presentation entitled “Innovation and Google X”. Pointing out just 1% of everything had been invented until now, he said “in the upcoming years unpredictable developments wait for us.” The second edition of Digital Transformation Summit which was held by Vodafone at Lutfi Kirdar Congress and Exhibition Palace with over 4 thousand participators. Having organized with theme “Be a part of digital transformation” Sebastian Thrun joined the summit with his speech covering digital automobile technologies and futuristic projects.

“Faults are not repeated in robot automobiles compared with human beings”
Drawing attention to mobile transformation would speed up more in the upcoming years, Sebastian Thrun said,
“Currently only 1% of the work has been invented. Today most of existing things were not 50 years ago. Such changes would happen in the upcoming 15-20 years so that mobile change will accelerate. We live in a world it is not possible to guess. 10 years ago there was nothing like driverless car. My colleagues had said ‘you were doing very much futuristic thing, it would not happen.’ But we have worked studiously, our chance was very well and we have driverless car. These vehicles learn in a more different way than human beings. Human drivers learn lesson when they made a mistake. Good thing is this if one of robot vehicles made mistake, from that point other vehicles do not make mistake. This means computers are faster and more intelligent than human beings. Until now these vehicles made 17 accidents 16 of them stemmed from human, one was software mistake, we have removed that. They are utmost reliable when compared to the vehicles driven by human. Letting visually handicapped men to drive cars not only on autobahn they would be able to drive at every kind of road. This technology provides this possibility. We also use this technology to produce service. The vehicles are called either as mobile or via web and come by itself wherever you need. You can go wherever you want. Thanks to this technology it would be possible to bring entire
transport in a nonstop way.”

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