Mobile refrigerators have become very popular

Suphi Command, General Manager of DEKO brand, which increases its export targets, spoke to Automotive Exports magazine.

Can you tell us about the establishment story of the DEKO brand?

Our company’s aim is to manufacture new value-added products that have never been produced yet by developing new production techniques and technologies. We set out for this purpose. At first, we started with consultancy and then we progressed on mobile vehicle refrigerators.

Which products do you have in your product range? What are your activities in general?

In the mobile vehicle refrigerator segment; we have products for Truck and Heavy Vehicle, Minibus and VIP sector, Offroad and Military vehicles, Vaccine and Medicine Transport, Boat, Yacht, Caravan industries. In addition, customer-specific OEM product design and production are also carried out. These products are exported to 22 different countries in 4 different continents abroad.

Can you evaluate the demand for vehicle refrigerators? What types of vehicle owners make demands on you?

With the pandemic process, there has been an increase in the sales of individual products. The fact that people move away from cities and turn to nature has led to serious increases in the camping and caravan sector. The sector continues to grow rapidly. Both new companies producing existing products and new products that have never been produced until now have been introduced to the market.

Usually, we have two different sales, areas for individual own personal use and areas as part of his professional life. A significant increase is observed in both groups.

Do you have activities abroad? Are you considering investing in different areas within your sector? Will you
increase your investments on behalf of the automotive sector in the future?

We do not have any production-related activities abroad. However, our customer network covers the whole of Europe. We are continuing our new product development and patent studies on new type refrigerators to be used for electric vehicles without using any energy from the vehicle (i.e. without shortening the vehicle range).

In the automotive sector, we plan to reach more widespread customers by developing new technologies that will produce more value-added products. Flexible Molding Technique and Fast Ice Making Technology are only available in the products produced by our company in the world. Likewise, we continue to work on new technologies that we plan to do in the future.

What are the policies you have determined to increase customer satisfaction?

In order to increase our customers’ satisfaction, we have successful business results in developing products that can perform above their expectations. For example, our Rapid Ice Making Technology can make ice 3-4 times faster than a home refrigerator.