Kordsa Joins Cosmopolite Technology Fair

The global player of tire, construction reinforcement and composite technologies, Kordsa participated in JEC World 2018 the biggest composite technologies meeting of the world

The global player of tire, construction reinforcement and composite market, Kordsa joined JEC World 2018 the biggest composite technologies meeting of the world. The reinforcement leader shared its expanded product range and new technologies with visitors.

Kordsa participated in JEC World 2018, the biggest fair in composite area held in Paris on 6-8 March in Paris. Taking place in jury of JEC Innovation awards, Kordsa evaluated 30 projects in 10 various categories that are used primarily in aviation and automotive and in other fields.

Speaking at award ceremony, Ali Caliskan, CEO of Kordsa, highlighting reinforcement of life, said; “This year, we have been sponsor of JEC Innovation Awards in which 30 projects contested. As representative of a brand which has adopted an open innovation understanding I believe every project whether deserved an award or not that joined the contest would contribute crucially to the sector. Representing Kordsa that takes place among the jury members who inspected these projects has become a proud experience for me. Kordsa has entered into force of Composite Technologies Excellency Center as a model of industry-university cooperation together with Sabanci University in Turkey in 2016. We continue to offer our new technologies to market and increase our product gamut along with this center power. This year, at JEC World we realized launching of resin technology which reduces curing period from 9 to 3 minutes adding speed and efficiency to the automotive and aviation sectors we also announced that we have commercialized our thermoset prepreg production featuring a remarkable material for automotive and aviation sectors. As realizing many resin systems in use of thermoset prepreg system, also our thermoplastic studies are continuing. We continue to strengthen our place in the market improving these materials of the future regarding featuring light, durable and long-life advantages to replace metal materials. Now, we export our technologies to entire world; to accomplish cooperation and innovative projects in the global markets. Acting open innovative understanding, we clinch our ‘reinforcement’ position with winning awards and shape the sector. As of the end of 2017, we have applied for 664 patents across the world, 168 of these have been registered. Our products’ processes, equipment that manufacture by using these technologies are tracked in the entire world. With the objective to be one of leading firms of composite technologies, as Kordsa, we exports to the world in line with developing new technologies and will also continue to be strong and to reinforce with new investments.”

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