Kordsa Boosts Operational Profit 22% In H1

One of subsidiary companies of Sabanci Holding, Kordsa has announced its financial figures in the first half this year

The technology leader of tire, composite and construction reinforcement market, Kordsa has increased its turnover 29 percent in H12017 year on year. Its net profit reached TL112 million with 11 percent in this period. Continuing to get returns of its investments, the reinforcement brand has increased its total sales 29 percent over the same period last year. Achieving net profit of TL112 million in H1 this year, Kordsa sustained its steady growth with its strong capital structure, according to the statement posted from the firm. About assessments for the first half this year, Ali Caliskan, CEO of Kordsa, said; “Kordsa maintains its value-added and innovative reinforcement technologies in four continents ranging from America to Asian Pacific. Today we continue to add value to our all customers via our R & D successes, long-term customer relations and investments in the global market. In addition to our strong operational performance in H12017, we also maintained our innovative studies which will shape the reinforcement technologies of future through our strategic cooperation we have done with our customers in the global market. We work for the lighter tires and vehicles of the future at our R & D center which was selected in three R & D centers of Turkey. We introduced our new resin technology which lower curing time from 9 minutes to 3 minutes at JEC the biggest resin fair held in France in March. Our resin technology – which ensures efficiency in terms of energy saving and production cycles – attracted intensive interest. We have maintained our investments in reinforcement market with purpose of sustain our growth in tire, construction and composite technologies. Our polyester yarn investments that we heralded in 2016 are continuing with full steam ahead in Indonesia and Turkey. In 2018, both of them will have been commissioned and growth acceleration will serve to a relative high market. We improve visual and structural parts at our R & D center takes place at Composite Technologies Excellency Center in order to be produce stronger and lighter vehicles, we have reached 15 joint project levels in composite technologies. In addition to our developments in the global market, we continue our supports to university projects due to our mission “Reinforcing Life”. Sponsoring materials for the wind and electric mobility projects in order to encourage university students to technology, innovation, R & D and engineering, we also support youths to make vehicles enforce with composite technologies.” Kordsa is a global player of tire, composite and construction reinforcement technology market. The world leader of tire reinforcement technologies market, Kordsa offers its reinforcement technologies to the entire world. Making essential its R & D and innovation in its all business process, Kordsa has 411 patent applications.

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