Kirpi II And Amazon Set For Exports

BMC has signed an export agreement at DIMDEX 2018, the International Maritime Defense Exhibition & Conference, held in Doha, the capital of Qatar from 12th to 14th March to add new ones to its exported vehicles abroad

The number of 85 armored vehicles of BMC which ordered by Qatar set for export travel. One of the Turkish defense industries manufactures, BMC Automotive will ship the first exports of armored Kirpi II and Amazon vehicles to Qatar. BMC has signed the export agreement at DIMDEX 2018 held in Doha, the capital of Qatar from 12th to 14th March to add new exporting ones to its vehicles abroad.

Exporting armored vehicles to the countries such as Turkmenistan, Tunisia, BMC will manufacture 50 unit Kirpi and 35 unit Amazon for the need of Qatar.

Kirpi II claims on road holding

Kirpi II and Amazon together with Vuran constitute protected and multi-purposed members of armored vehicle family against landmines. The vehicles, which emerge forefront with its supper protective feature against mines, are the new version of Kirpi. Kirpi II has independent suspension system. In addition to the high protection features these improved new configured vehicles are shown as the pioneer of its class both in road holding and comfort. 4×4 Kirpi II with independent suspension attracts attention with its Monobloc armored cabin and ballistic glasses, shock absorbing seats, V designed bottom structure, arm station and emergency exit door. Among the distinctive features of Kirpi II; electric traction system, remote control armored weapon station, precision sniper detector system, interior communication system, defense filter system against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats.

Darkening and camouflage light, tire inflating system, towing hook, being transported via air and railway, driver informing system and automatic fire extinguishing systems are listed as the other features that make Kirpi II dissimilar.

High maneuvering capability with Amazon

Multi-functional armored vehicle Amazon provides protection for crew against mine, ballistic and handmade explosives. The vehicle emerges forefront with capacity of 7 crews and high maneuvering capability. Among the technical features of the vehicles there are automatic fire extinguish system, central tire inflating system, flat tire that can run, rear view camera, darkening and camouflage light.

BMC as operates one of foremost commercial and military vehicle producers in Turkey. Sheltering design, R & D studies, engineering, manufacturing, sales and aftersales services in its structure, BMC secured contribution nearly worth $10 billion to the country economy with more than 300 thousand vehicles since the first day to date. Since its establishment making tows, heavy, medium, lightweight trucks, vans, buses, armored military vehicles protected against mines with more than 700 thousand configurations, BMC also accomplished exports exceeding 80 countries primarily to the European Union countries. Having capacity utilization of 22 thousand vehicles and engine manufacturing, BMC Automotive has employees ranging engineers to blue collars more than 2 thousand.

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