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join-turk-barterTurk Barter provides how to make trade during the economic crisis periods, how to use finance for the member companies through barter common market. Being founder and pioneer of alternative finance and trade model in Turkey, Turk Barter offers business models belonging to every period. It guides the companies which are member to Barter Common Market by acting as strategic partner in economic crises. Ending use of money in trade, the firms can be able to melt their idle capacities via barter system, increase their sales, raise the profit margin and earn new customers.

Previously offering their stocks, idle capacities, goods and services to the system after sales being realized, the member companies purchase the needed goods and services from Barter Common Market. As the member to the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA) and implementing multi-barter system successfully for 24 years, Turk Barter ensures reliable sales between companies, zeros money collecting-risk rate and provides collecting safety. In all buying-selling, fixedterm sales without concern are carried out through Turk Barter Checks which are safer than the bank checks.

Dr. M. Sirri Simsek, Chairman of the Board of Turk Barter, stated: “In the troubled times of the firms offering their products and services to Barter Common Market their debts are structured via barter. The firms are in the debt structuring system can overcome their payments when they might be in difficult situation or in money collecting difficulty via barter system. By transferring the receivables, which cannot be collected as cash, to Turk Barter, the needed product or service can be bought from the Barter Common Market. Turk Barter Brokers plan the truest sales targets, purchasing demands and supplies which are offered to the system, increase trade without using money in shopping. Turk Barter Brokers let the sales increase by their sectorial-expertise through rising competition opportunity of companies, reduce stocks and ensure safety shopping with new customers. With the barter system which is regarded as the prescription, the companies get rid of crisis.”

Who is Turk Barter?
Since 1995, as the pioneer and having a strong technological infrastructure Turk Barter is the member of the board of IRTA responsible for Europe and chairman of Barter Ethic Committee since 1994. As an alternative finance model to money the organization try to spread barter in Turkey. Barter system is used over 1 million companies across the world. Turk Barter offers risk free economic solution without stopping production, protecting employment, strengthening capital, making money a vehicle not aim in all sectors as well as adding positive value to the economic system. The system offer opportunity to the member firms to trade without needing cash in the common market which is named barter pool. In other words, barter is not a swap condition which is perceived by lots of people, it makes up a financial system where the member firms purchase both their needs and sell their own products and services. Shortly, the system is based on the member firms’ demanding goods and services without paying in cash through offering their own products and services to the system. In Turkey, Turk Barter serves with its 8 offices in Istanbul, Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Izmir, Kayseri, Konya. It also has strategic cooperation with over 20 countries in Europe and the U.S. In this meaning, Turk Barter provides market opportunities both in the home and abroad. Meanwhile the collaboration agreements have been signed with the Chinese market to increase Barter trade in April 2015.

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