Investments In Mercedes Benz- Turk Full Steam Ahead

mercedesMercedes-Benz Turk Hosdere Bus Plant is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Having established in 1995, accomplishing its second stage and restructured in 2010, Mercedes-Benz Turk has marked 20th anniversary.
In this scope a press conference was held at the plant in the district of Hosdere, Istanbul. Hartmut Schick, Chief Executive Officer of Mercedes Benz; Britta Seeger, head of Mercedes- Benz Turk; Dr. Martin Walz, Production Director of Mercedes- Benz Turk and Turkish Administrators of Mercedes-Benz Turk attended to the press conference.

Over a question of a reporter, “How were they affected by the foreign currency fluctuations?” Hartmut Schick,
responded; “The condition in the economy did not affect us. We are continuing to everything as planned and we will
achieve our targets. We follow closely the fluctuations in the foreign currencies, but it has not affected our any investment plan until now. We continue to investments and remain in Turkey.” In his speech at the 20th anniversary meeting, Hartmut Schick marked that the bus plant in Hosdere was one of the most modern plants in the world.

He continued; “For us the bus plant in Hosdere features at a very crucial position in terms of global bus R & D and
production network of Daimler. Today, our European production union and central functions in Germany cannot
be considered without Hosdere. Over 80 percent buses manufactured here are exported to regions in Europe and
the Middle East. As the centers, take place in our production network, are increasingly clinching to each other, our plant in Hosdere emerges as an innovation hub. Mercedes-Benz Turk has manufactured the number of 75 thousand buses since the establishment onwards and has achieved crucial successes either having domestic market share over 60 percent or exporting to over 70 countries. The models which are manufactured here are the models reaching the highest sales units. The crews at this plant have won respect of our all group. We will advance to future altogether with our whole power.”mercedes2

Britta Seeger, head of Directors Board of Mercedes-Benz Turk, said; “I know the importance of Turkey in Daimler world in bus and truck production having very important place in this area. How nice that the 20th anniversary of Hosdere plant has caused to meet with the Turkish press for me. We feel proud of our company since its establishment showing high performance, as well as its history and tradition. Today, featuring one of the biggest foreign capital investments Mercedes Benz Turk in its 48-year history contributed not only to the economy with its investments and generating job, but also to the society with social responsibility projects. As an example to this, we can show the number of 3,500 girls in the scope of “our every girl is a star” project we supported their vocational education and 9000 elementary school students of whom we supported the traffic training with MobileKids project. As we maintain our business as an industrial establishment we will also maintain our contributions in the social fields.”

Martin Walz, Production Director of Mercedes-Benz Turk, in his speech marked 75 thousandth bus rolled off the production line produced by Mercedes-Benz Turk at the Hosdere plant. He continued: “One of the most modern bus plants in the world, Mercedes Benz Turk bus plant in Hosdere district has pioneered the automotive industry in Turkey and made many breakthroughs. In 1995, getting the ISO 9001 quality certificate, the Hosdere plant characterized the first production facility taking this certificate in the Turkish automotive industry. I believe that it would be one of symbols of Daimler world increasing importance of Hosdere plant in the future too.”

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